“Just Did Some Stem Cell Injections”: Chris Bumstead Gives an Update on His Torn Biceps

Published 01/26/2023, 12:45 PM EST

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Chris Bumstead did it once again. He won his fourth consecutive Mr. Olympia Classic Physique title in 2022. But do you know what the best part of it was? Bumstead conquered this difficult challenge with torn biceps. This might have been a similar case to the 2018 Mr. Olympia, where he lost his shape at the end due to his autoimmune disease. However, this time the stars were aligned for him.

In his first YouTube video of the year 2023, Chris Bumstead talked about his bicep tear, and the treatment he has been taking for the same. He then goes on to give an update on his current training regime. 

Chris Bumstead shared his ongoing treatment


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Chris Bumstead has been resting and recovering since he captured his fourth Olympia title in December. A few weeks ago, he mentioned his torn biceps in an Instagram video for the first time. And now, he has come back on YouTube with his first workout video of 2023. However, since he is yet to make full recovery, he focused on training his legs in the video.


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However, before turning to the gym, he acknowledged his injury and the treatment he has been administering. CBum said, “Taking peptides PPC157, TB500 blasting in there, great stuff for healing injuries. Also, just did some stem cell injections. But stem cells, peptides, trying to heal the process up. I haven’t trained in five weeks or so. I have done legs like once a week, but like not working hard, so I am letting my body recover now, but Olympia is in nine months.” 

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Moreover, he opened up on the weight he gained after competing in Mr. Olympia 2022. He revealed he is “251 lbs” right now, and that he has gained 12 lbs after the competition, which he believes is not much and can be cut down once he is back. 

Bumstead went ahead with a leg day in his workout regime


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Despite the bicep tear, Chris Bumstead does not like to sit idle. In the video, he heads up to ‘Best Buy’ to purchase AirPods and eventually goes to the gym for training. He began it with supersets of leg extension and hamstring curl. Moving further, he did sets of the single leg-leg press, followed by barbell squats, walking dumbbell lunges, and ended the day with seated calf raises.


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Chris Bumstead frequently shares his workout videos on YouTube with a massive fan base. CBum’s dedication to bodybuilding is in a different league. He is so calculative about the timings of the competitions that he knows exactly how many nine months are left for the next Olympia. Do you think he will win his consecutive fifth title in 2023?

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