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“Let Sly Know His Scripting Was Ahead of Science”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Credits Sylvester Stallone for Verifying a Fascinating Theory Long Before Science

Published 03/24/2023, 4:03 PM EDT

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Bodybuilding legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s iconic companionship with his Hollywood buddy, Sylvester Stallone has long been a foundation for great stories. Similarly, the latest edition of his monthly newsletter, The Pump Daily revealed an interesting aspect of bodybuilding that ought to be credited to Stallone. 

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A certain study disclosed that sex leads to weaker legs, thus, affecting an athlete’s physical capabilities. Moreover, Stallone’s 1976 classic, Rocky implied the same in one of its scenes. This was years before the research was confirmed, leading Schwarzenegger to hail the actor in his recent publication. Yet, how well-founded is this research?

Arnold Schwarzenegger salutes Sylvester Stallone’s past revelations


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The 75-year-old star’s newsletter enlightened his subscribers with an off-beat declaration that sex, influences the training performances of athletes. It hinted that bodybuilders who were involved in the activity the night before, experienced a 5 pounds decrease in “lower body strength.” Therefore, it saluted Stallone’s movie script. “Someone let Sly know his scripting was ahead of science. Turns out, Mick’s advice to Rocky was technically correct,” it read.

Apparently, this revelation was made in a training scene where Rocky was advised by his trainer, Mick, saying, “women weaken legs.” This bit followed after a couple of girls asked for the boxer’s autograph. They were eventually shooed away by Mick, who boldly warned Rocky of any future involvement with them. 


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Back to the study, the examination was conducted on the basis of three workouts- a baseline, a no-sex workout, and a workout after a night of sex. This limited the value of the subject matter. Moreover, only a handful number of athletes were studied which further added to its limited scope. Regardless, there have been numerous types of research on the same, most of which suggest little to no impact. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger on aging gracefully


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As per the source, the Q&A round featured a fan query asking for tips on aging with deep insights. Therefore, the 7x Mr. Olympia answered with his own. “I believe in holding on to everything that you can and letting go of what you can’t,” he wrote. He admitted that even though he cannot deadlift 700 pounds anymore, it doesn’t discourage him from working out at all. 

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The Austrian Oak iterated that he prioritizes living “in the moment.” He is mindful of his energy, and wouldn’t trade it for past worries. Additionally, he acknowledged the hardships of aging and said, “That becomes the new challenge.” On a similar note, he recently revealed an anti-aging secret that has shocking results.


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The legend’s lifelong career as a bodybuilder has fueled his priceless wealth of wisdom. Fortunately, he doesn’t intend to keep it to himself and routinely shares it with the world through his newsletters. It has grown into a 250k+ subscriber base that looks up to him for health advice.



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