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“Lifted Me Up With One Arm”- Bodybuilding God Arnold Schwarzenegger Crowned NBA Legend as the ‘Strongest Man Ever’

Published 05/20/2022, 10:00 AM EDT

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Bodybuilding is a glorious sport by all means because of its aesthetic value. To see human beings physically chiseled is a sight to behold. Hence, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend of the sport. He is one of the strongest men on the planet and is a seven-time Mr. Olympia title winner. While people thought about Schwarzenegger being the strongest in the world, he spoke about a basketball player who dominated every sporting competition he took part in.

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The extraordinary Wilt Chamberlain enters the conversation. There are fabled tales about his feats of strength, and it continues to unravel the mystical character that he is. The only man to score 100 points in the NBA, Chamberlain performed some of the best athletic moments that one will ever see. Arnold explained that point to perfection.


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Stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

In an interview, the bodybuilding legend spoke about the center’s strength and the indescribable moment he had. Both Wilt and Arnold acted in the movie ‘Conan the Destroyer,’ and gained plaudits for their roles. Being as strong as an ox, Schwarzenegger spoke about the famous tales of the iconic basketball player. 

“He would do a tricep extension, that like the big guys, the strongest guys, would let’s say 120 pounds, let’s say. He will come and he would do 150-170 pounds. Wilt Chamberlain. That’s how strong he was. He lifted me up with one arm like nothing,” said Schwarzenegger. 


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The photo above showcases three of the strongest men in the world. Chamberlain and Andre the Giant lifts Arnold with ease, and it is an iconic photo. It is not surprising to see Arnold speak about how strong he was. With that strength, Chamberlain dominated the NBA for a long time. 

The basketball legend


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To sum up, he played basketball with two of the best teams in the NBA, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers. He is a two-time NBA champion and four-time MVP while having many more records under his belt. During the 61-62 NBA season, Chamberlain averaged 50.4 points, and 25.7 rebounds and played a staggering 48.5 mins.

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Dominant inside the paint, an incredible glass-eater, Wilt could do everything. As blocks didn’t count during that time, one could imagine that number on the stats sheet.


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It is astonishing to see Chamberlain idolized by many fans and players. He is one of the best athletes in the world to dominate the basketball court and will be remembered as one of the strongest athletes in the world. To some, he is the strongest ever!

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