“Man Screamed When I…”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Recalls Preaching Valuable Life Lesson to a Special Olympics Athlete Through His Unconventional Method

Published 04/11/2023, 11:12 AM EDT

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The iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger is an epitome of inspiration for many. With his super successful pursuits in bodybuilding, acting, and politics, the 7x Mr. Olympia has become an authority, that many people look up to. He boosts causes he cares for, indulges in noble endeavors, and leaves no stone unturned while preaching valuable counsel to his followers. Likewise, in order to teach his fandom a prominent life lesson, the Terminator recently shared a story of a Special Olympics athlete through his newsletter.

In the latest installment of the Pump Daily, the 75-year-old described the correlation between mind and body while performing heavy workouts in the gym. The Austrian then backed his explanation by giving an example of his Special Olympics trainee, whom he once rendered in a difficult situation, only to boost his confidence later. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger once took an unconventional route to teach a valuable lesson to his Special Olympics trainee


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In his newsletter, the Pump Daily, the 75-year-old reminisced about the time when he used to coach the Special Olympics athletes. Now, in order to test their weightlifting prowess, the Terminator performed an intriguing task. “I wanted to see if powerlifting was possible for them, and I remember the young man who screamed when I put the bar on his chest”, recalled the bodybuilder. Following this, the 7x Mr. Olympia told the young athlete to stop lifting the weight and join him as his assistant coach.


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Nevertheless, as the training spree ended, the Terminator asked his assistant coach if he wanted another try at weightlifting. On this, the bodybuilder’s trainee conceded and “lifted the bar and asked for more weight”. Describing the young athlete’s elation, the Austrian added, “As we slapped on more little plates, his smile grew right along with his confidence. By the end, the giant bear hug he gave me said it all. He’d pushed past his mental limits, and it became a great day in both of our lives”.

Interestingly, the Austrian Oak’s sole reason behind sharing this inspiring story with his fandom is to teach, “When you show your mind that you are better than the limits it set for your body, something special happens”. With this, he also pulled off the curtains from the motivating factor that inspires him to help millions through his newsletter.


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The Austrian finds joy in extending a helping hand

The 75-year-old believes that helping others realize their potential is the greatest noble pursuit. “When people ask me why I spend the time with everything else I have going on to send a daily fitness newsletter, this is the answer. It’s the same reason I pushed my friend to ski, my old training partners to do one more rep, or that Special Olympics athlete to lift”.

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Nonetheless, the Terminator then urged his followers to help someone else discover their inner moxie but “Just remember, the goal isn’t being a drill sergeant or pushing someone to failure. You have to be gentle, and go just past their limits, not off the edge of a cliff“. It indeed was one valuable counsel from Arnold Schwarzenegger. What do you think about his optimistic outlook on pushing one’s limits to find inner potential? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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