Ronnie Coleman is an undeniable bodybuilding legend. Coleman has shown his dominance for almost a decade. Moreover, no one could even match his giant muscles during that period. However, Coleman once tried a sport that took his breath away.

Ronnie Coleman has excelled in bodybuilding and was even a talented footballer. But he once tried driving a NASCAR, and he couldn’t think of repeating that experience. 


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Ronnie Coleman couldn’t keep his calm 

The ever-so-calm Ronnie Coleman once shared one of his experiences that shook him away totally. Coleman once tried the NASCAR driving experience and he couldn’t get over it. Moreover, he acknowledged the fact later that NASCAR drivers are real athletes, seeing the skills and high difficulty level they go through in the race.

After experiencing the drive, he said, “I ain’t gonna lie to you when I first sat in that car, I forgot I was claustrophobic. And for about a minute or two, I was like I gotta get out of here. That’s the way I felt. Just like that. I had to calm myself down for like five minutes. I am like no, no I can’t do this, I can’t do this. I am like f*** it, I am in here now.”

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Furthermore, he said, “I kept saying to myself, I need to calm down because I was like, oh man, I feel like I am being buried alive or something.”

Coleman never left the hope


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Driving and having fun are all different things. But one thing Coleman has been suffering for a long now is his infinite pain. The pain had no boundaries. The thirteen back and hip surgeries he had made his body filled with severe pain. Coleman has confessed several times about the unending pain he bears all the time.

However, there has been a recent relaxation for the legend. After starting the stem cell treatment, Coleman has felt an immense drop in the intensity of pain. Although he has to visit Mexico to get that treatment every time, that is a thing he can do to vanish the pain.


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Ronnie Coleman tried and tested the NASCAR driving experience and came to a conclusion. However, his own experience was not a good one, but that made him realize the difficulty of the sport. He concluded that NASCAR driving is one of the toughest sports and that drivers need to be highly fit mentally as well as physically.