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“Optimal for His Genetics” Legendary Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman Once Got His Genes Tested and Received Interesting Results

Published 10/07/2022, 11:15 AM EDT

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Ronnie Coleman is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. At times, even his fellow bodybuilders have got astounded by his size and muscle quality. Fans know Coleman as a visual marvel. However, MuscleGenes organized a DNA test for him in 2013. Not so surprisingly, he also turned out to be a genetic marvel.

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After the test results came out, MuscleGenes announced some interesting results about Ronnie’s DNA. However, he wasn’t scientifically aware of his genetic quality but, he always knew he was a special one.


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Ronnie Coleman’s hard work with his genetic quality made him the best

Indeed, Coleman has some extraordinary genes for muscle building. But it cannot be just genes that resulted in eight Mr. Olympia titles. Adding to his genetic quality, there was some immense hard work that he did to achieve all this. Two versatile qualities that Coleman showed in those tests were, first, his muscles showed more resistance to damage, and second, he was thermogenic. 

According to scientists, this was because of ACTN3 and UCP2 gene presence that he was able to show these qualities. MuscleGenes Chief Content Officer Mark Gilbert said“For people with his gene variants, we recommend the highest volume and the most frequent training sessions. So in fact, Mr. Coleman was probably such a successful bodybuilder at least partly because he learned how to train in a way that was optimal for his genetics”.


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Ronnie didn’t have a scientific explanation for all this, but he always trained tougher than anyone else. Gilbert added, “If you think about it, this is the best explanation for the long-standing controversy over what is the single best way to train”.

The DNA test also revealed a different dieting pattern for Ronnie Coleman


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In the DNA test, they also found Ronnie to be thermogenic. Thermogenic means the tendency to burn calories in heat. This genetic quality helped Ronnie to have a lower fat percentage throughout his career. It happened so because the calories were getting processed in different areas and not ordinarily in building fat.

Gilbert said, “So again, it shouldn’t surprise us to find out that Ronnie’s gene report reveals that he has three of the ideal variants (out of a possible four), which most powerfully predict insulin function (his fourth gene variant is neutral). This puts him amongst the highest 5-10 percent of subjects we’ve tested for insulin function.”


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This DNA test can be the scientific explanation of many questions that had been raised about Ronnie throughout his career. The lower fat percentage he had and the gigantic body astonished everyone throughout his peak. However, we cannot neglect the hard work he has put behind his achievements. Genetics was crucial in this case, but without his extreme efforts of Ronnie, he wouldn’t be the champion.

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