“Just Jaw Dropping”: Strongest Man Competitor Was Awestruck Looking at 6’9 Beast’s Basic Upkeep

Published 03/14/2023, 4:55 PM EDT

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Being the World’s Strongest Man is not a joke. One can only imagine the kind of dedication and training it would require. Not to mention one would have to load up on calories like it’s nobody’s business. Larry Wheels and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson are two personalities that have done really well in the area of World’s Strongest Man.

While both are two of the strongest men on this Earth, they both are clearly different in stature when it comes to physique. And these differences are exactly what came up when Larry Wheels went for a climbing session with the professional climber Magnus Mitbø.

Larry Wheels was astounded by the diet of Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson


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After climbing some walls, Mitbø and Wheels had a little chat. During this conversation, Mitbø inquired about certain things from Wheels. The answers to these questions revealed just the amount of dedication it took for a strongman such as Hafþór to maintain their body. Larry Wheels was impressed as well, and he said, “I was with Thor in Iceland, seeing how much he was eating every day. Well, it’s something to behold. It was just jaw-dropping how much he was eating every day.”

Magnus Mitbø then wondered how hard that must be on the body. The answer is, it is definitely hard. Even Wheels agreed by saying, “those guys went to another extreme for sure.” If you’re wondering how much Hafþór really eats, you need not look any further. According to GQ, The Mountain devours around 6 meals totaling up to 10,000 calories in a day. That is around 10 times what a normal person would eat.

And while Larry Wheels is no stump in the strength department, even he was astonished by how much The Mountain ate to maintain his physique and his strength. On one hand, Wheels was astounded by Hafþór, and on the other, Mitbø was astounded by Larry Wheels.

The unbelievable strength of World’s Strongest Men

Magnus Mitbø asked Larry Wheels, “How much do you deadlift?”. Wheels’ reply was, “My best is 422 for three.” Mitbø’s apt reaction to his was, “Wow, that’s crazy.” Then he asked, “And you also bench press a lot, right?” Larry Wheels revealed, “Yeah. I’ve done 307 kgs for one.” Mitbø almost could not believe his ears after hearing that. “307? 307 kilograms? Oh my goodness,” said Mitbø.


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After which he added, “It’s crazy how strong you are because you are not that heavy. I mean, you’re not like Hafþór heavy. But you’re… as strong pretty much.” Wheels replied to this by saying, “Power per pound, yeah.” In fact, if we look at power per pound, Larry Wheels is actually stronger. However, holistically speaking, Wheels said, “But they’re overall stronger because they’re just much bigger.”


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Do you think Larry Wheels could ever take on Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson?


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