302 Lbs Bodybuilder With 14% Body Fat Reveals the Dark Side of Being a Bodybuilding Beast: “As My Weight Increases My Sleep…”

Published 03/12/2023, 8:50 AM EDT

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IFBB heavyweight bodybuilder, Noel Deyzel’s fitness regimes have gathered noteworthy attention from fans on social media platforms. Recently, he met up with a popular YouTuber and a former D1 athlete, Jesse James West to discuss his current bulk mode. He even opened up about the cynical side of the process. 

In a YouTube short on West’s channel, Deyzel got candid and rolled out the associated consequences that are affecting his personal well-being slightly. Does bulking have its own setbacks? Let’s find out. 

Noel Deyzel shares the cons of gaining muscles


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As per the social media update, the 38-year-old bodybuilder blatantly admitted that his present body weight is disturbing his sleep and energy levels. West enquired, “What’s it like being so freaking jacked?” Responding to that, he said, “Right now, it’s slightly uncomfortable. I say with the primary reason, its kinda affecting my sleep and my energy levels.”


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Furthermore, the South African athlete pointed out that he is presently maintaining a bulk phase, however, his weight and sleep quality are directly proportional. He stated, “But as my weight increases, my sleep quality deteriorates.” Eventually, the YouTuber shed light on the bodybuilder’s body fat percentage. Zoel disclosed that he is currently at 14% body fat.

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Apparently, Deyzel has been involved with the fitness industry for more than a decade and strives to encourage and help people in their fitness endeavors. He provides tips and advice on training, nutrition, and all things related to bodybuilding. He rose to fame after he started posting on TikTok in 2020. On a similar note, a bodybuilding legend also once called attention to the side effects of excessive training. 

Frank Zane lists out the consequence of negligent bodybuilding


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Talking to Flex Magazine in 2008, Hall of Famer, Zane talked about the outcomes of unmindful bodybuilding. The interviewer directed a question at him, asking about the benefits of heavy lifting that might’ve helped him gain the lean frame. Although the 86-year-old conformed to the point, he also expressed that if he had the chance to redo things, Zane wouldn’t have stuck to the choices he made.

Moreover, he asserted that heavyweight training poses greater risks of injury and once the damage is done, it’s difficult to recover. Hence, a responsible and aware form of training is necessary in the long run. 


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The harsh reality that silhouettes the aesthetic and ideal appearance of bodybuilders often branches into their personal lives. Therefore, many athletes like Deyzel and Zane generate awareness on the same to help aspirants derive a better understanding of what they might be getting themselves into. 


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