Despite Being Queen Elizabeth II, the Crown Had a $9,000,000 Worth Side Hustle

Published 03/18/2023, 3:32 PM EDT

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The late Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II was a symbolic political figure for the British Royal Family. However, her efforts to add value and increase the family’s capital extended beyond authoritative decisions for her kingdom. Apparently, the royalty sported a side gig that accounted for a massive chunk of her income. She was passionate about horse racing and her success in the venture had earned her a whopping amount of $9 million. 

In a 2018 report by USA Today, it was revealed that the former Queen’s devotion to the sport substantiated her net worth of $530 million. She even claimed a number of race wins, a first for the British monarchy. 

The highest British Monarch pursues her passion sport; bags the greens


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Her Majesty adored horses, and equestrian sports were a pleasurable hobby for the then-91-year-old monarch. Her experience in the field dated back to 30 years, thus, cumulating her gross income from the endeavor to stand at $9,372,441. Moreover, a record of 452 wins had been totaled out of 2,834 races her horses participated in, per a data report. 

HRH Queen Elizabeth’s favorable year was in 2016, with an impressive income of $775,325. Significantly, in 2013 she became the foremost ruling royalty to have won the Gold Cup. It was accomplished after her horse, Estimate, won the race in Ascot. However, the question arises, why? According to USA Today, racing expert, Sean Trivass, who analyzed the Queen’s racing dynamics revealed, “Does she do it for the fun — 100% yes.”


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Furthermore, the analyst stated that she never did it for the money, although she did rake in some big numbers. “She turns up come rain or shine at both,” he said. The late royalty was placed 11th on the list of owners with the most wins during a season, in 2017. Remarkably, the family’s association with horse-racing links back to the mid-17th century, during the reign of King Charles II. While the late royalty became the first owner to win races, another striking member of the family became the first event rider. 

Princess Anne as an Olympian athlete


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As per sources, the former Queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne participated in the Olympic Games in 1976. She competed in the equestrian sports category which took place as a 3-day event. Even though her horse, Goodwill, was unable to secure her a position, she rewrote history as the first royalty to take part in the Olympics. 

Goodwill was brought up and nourished in her mother’s stable itself. Sadly, the Princess met with an accident whilst racing and was injured with a head concussion. Later on, her daughter, Zara Tindell followed in her mother’s footsteps and secured a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics. 


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The Royal Family’s connections to horses have been rooted deep inside their culture. The late Queen’s passion was passed down from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter and it shall keep flowing from there on. What did you think of the grand capitals flowing in from The Queen’s favorite pastime? Tell us in the comments. 



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