Simone Biles Beats Lewis Hamilton, Tyson Fury, Naomi Osaka and Others to Become the Second Most Loved Sports Icon Around the World

Published 03/04/2022, 8:30 AM EST

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Being a world-class athlete has its pros and cons. While a part of it brings fame and fortune that everybody would love to have, athletes and celebrities also take exuberant efforts to engage with their fans in whatever they do. Significantly, social media is a great platform for interesting fan interactions. With that being said, Sports Direct from the UK conducted a study to see the love for the athletes amongst the masses and Simone Biles, the legendary gymnast, is a favorite name on that list.

Notably, in a list that contains some of the most famous names like LeBron James, Lewis Hamilton, Naomi Osaka, and others, Biles sits comfortably in the second spot.


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Simone Biles ranks second

As the famous Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron James, leads the list with a stunning 5.1 million searches, Simone Biles stands second. After the superstar gymnast withdrew from competitions at the Tokyo Olympics, she returned to win a bronze medal. And given her mental health struggles, Biles’ comeback performance was regarded as legendary.

Notably, she received over 2.9 million searches and became one of the most searched athletes online. Likewise, she received 19,880 ‘love’ responses from people.


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While that itself is impressive, she also passed some of the most legendary athletes in the world of sports. After Biles, Formula One racer, Lewis Hamilton, received 2.8 million searches, staying right behind her.

However, his ‘love’ responses stand at a whopping 629,000 ‘love’ responses. Truly, it is incredible to see the popularity of one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time.

In the meantime, Osaka holds a unique record on this list.

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Naomi Osaka’s love responses

Followed by Hamilton, boxing legend Tyson Fury, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and Robert Lewandowski complete the list. Not to forget, tennis star, Naomi Osaka, holds a distinct record on the list.


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Her stance on mental health is inspiring, and everyone in the world loves her. Although her search volume is low at 185,000, the ‘love’ responses received stand at 1,064,000, which is more than other people on this list.

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Soccer players Raheem Sterling and Alex Morgan rank next, while the 2022 Australian Open Champion, Rafael Nadal, ranks tenth. As for Biles, this is another golden addition to her already decorated career.


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Recently, Biles got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Owens. With the adorable couple widely followed, one can expect those ‘love’ responses to reach greater heights now.

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