“My Wish Is That…”: Wayne Gretzky’s Wife Janet Gets Candid as the Hockey Legend Sends Out a Heartwarming Birthday Message

Published 01/11/2023, 7:15 AM EST

Ice Hockey prodigy, Wayne Gretzky nicknamed as The Great One, has 61 National Hockey League records to his name. Additionally, the legendary athlete is acclaimed for his genuine values and optimism. Gretzky married American actress Janet Jones in 1988 and nurtured a beautiful relationship with her over the years.

Recently, the Hall of Famer sweetly wished Janet on her birthday with a special message, accompanied by a series of pictures from her childhood, on Instagram. Moreover, the heartfelt gesture from the legend charmed his wife, who further replied to it with a moving note. Guess what the note read? And how did Mrs. Gretzky react to it? Let’s find out. 

Wayne Gretzky’s beautiful message to his wife.


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In the former athlete’s latest Instagram post, he seized the opportunity to shower love on his wife, Janet Jones, on the occasion of her 62nd birthday. The post came with a warm and affectionate caption that reflected the power couple’s eternal chemistry.  


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Gretzky’s caption read as, “Happy Birthday @janetgretzky. To the most wonderful mother, grandparent, wife, and nicest person in the world. Have the best day we all love you!” Hence, a love-struck Jones couldn’t help but reply simultaneously, with yet another touching message. 


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She wrote, referring to the childhood pictures, “Thank you, this was one of my happiest days when that beautiful dress actually came with a scarf for my hair.” She added, “My wish is that I get many more with you.” The fact that Gretzky utilized pictures portraying the most joyful moments of her childhood itself depicts their close-knitted bond. Nonetheless, the duo quite recently shared another episode of their ideal romance.

The star couple’s date night

The Canadian athlete and wife, Janet Jones, took some time off from their glamorous lives and went holidaying together all alone, per sources. Additionally, Gretzky was seen enthusiastically accompanying his wife with some great moves as the music played on. We couldn’t help but smile, looking at the couple having the time of their lives.


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After an immensely successful career, the legend is finally getting all the family time he craved for whilst on his athletic journey. Significantly, Gretzky and Jones have been married for 34 years and there’s no second thought to their love composition. Hence, the 60-year-olds perfect date night rendered the world envious. 


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How lucky are they? This is probably what our minds would encourage us to think. But Gretzky and Jones’s ideal relationship isn’t just a fruit of their great luck. Certainly, no relationship escapes compromises, while it necessitates mandatory efforts to be put in. Thus, the iconic couple’s unconditional love is no stranger to that. Were you moved by the profound messages? Let us know.

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