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“He Will Just Be Wasting My Money”: Jackie Chan Once Made a Massive Revelation on His $400 Million Net Worth

Published 12/05/2022, 1:45 PM EST

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One of the greatest names in the world of martial arts is Jackie Chan. With his outstanding martial art finesse and verve in acting, Chan reached the pinnacle of success. Not only he gained widespread fame and recognition but also he earned a grandeur of fortune to his name. At present, Chan’s net worth is $400 million. Naturally, the bigger the amount, the bigger the inheritance. And, after the father’s demise, the inheritance belongs to the children, right?  

However, a decade ago, Chan revealed in an interview that he would donate his entire inheritance money to the charity, rather than leaving it for his son. 


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Jackie Chan will donate his millions when he dies

In 2011, Jackie appeared for an interview with NewsAsia. The host asked Chan a couple of questions regarding the will of his inheritance. In reply to the question, Jackie told the reporter, “I would rather donate my fortune to charity than give it to Jaycee”.

As per the interview, Chan believes children should earn their own money rather than depending upon their parents’ fortune. Chan further elaborated by saying, “If he is capable, he can make his own money”. He added, “If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money.” 


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As per Jackie’s interview with NewsAsia, all he wanted for his son is to become responsible and independent. 

Jackie Chan’s relationship with son Jaycee Chan


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Jaycee Chan is an American singer and actor. He worked in the movies such as Mulan and Railroad Tigers. In 2014, he served a sentence in jail for possession of marijuana. In the same year, Jackie was the member of the Chinese advisory board. Chan expressed his disappointment by saying, “As a public figure, I feel very ashamed”. However, as his father, Chan also extended a helping hand to his son, by adding, “I’m your dad and I’ll always be with you. We will face the road ahead of us together.”


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Although Jackie may not be making his son the stakeholder of his inheritance, he loves his son dearly. Apart from being a great martial artist, Chan also is a supportive dad.

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