Multi-millionaire and action pioneer, Jackie Chan might have won a bag full of awards, but one remained unchecked in his list of achievements. Jackie Chan once revealed that he saw an Oscar in his friend and action hero, Sylvester Stallone’s house. Consequently, he was mesmerized by the award and instantly desired to win one.

In his book Never Grow Up, he penned down how he felt after holding an Oscar. Additionally, he recounted how his father wanted him to bring one back home. Chan is an embodiment of passion and didn’t let go of his dream of achieving it. Guess how that went? Let’s find out. 

Jackie Chan’s encounter with an Oscar at Stallone’s house.


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In his autobiographical book Never Grow Up, Jackie Chan opened up about several aspects of his life and one of them was winning an Oscar. He eventually won one in 2016. Moreover, he gave an insightful speech on his signature achievement. In his speech he recalled a special memory, he was visiting his friend Sylvester Stallone when he first saw an Oscar in close vicinity. He described himself as touching and simultaneously, kissing the award. He said, “I touched it, I kissed it, I smelled it. I believe it still has my fingerprints on it.”

Jackie Chan is the epitome of brilliance and winning an Oscar was simply a cherry on the cake. Although the Chinese actor disclosed that he never aspired to achieve this level of stardom, apparently, he watched the award show every year with his parents. 

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“My dad always said to me, ‘son, you’ve got so many movie awards in the world, when do you get one of these?'” Chan said. When asked, he had a funny response and said that he probably won’t get one because he only makes action-com movies. 

Jackie Chan wasn’t expecting an Oscar

Chan, a leading action star and filmmaker, never expected the highest achievement in global cinema to come his way. He was honored with the Oscar award at the age of 62. He further mentioned in his book, “I never thought winning an Oscar was remotely possible.” Even though the martial arts legend underestimated his skills, he totally deserved it.

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Although his action-packed movies were hits in the east, he didn’t anticipate the highest laurels for his work profile in the West that would eventually lead him to win an Oscar. “Didn’t think anyone in America would notice my work”, Chan admitted. 


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Chan has had a pretty tough childhood, and he has worked his way to the top. None of it was delivered to the stunning artist on a platter. He has single-handedly set a benchmark in mainstream Hollywood and fans can’t help but be star-struck. Let us know what you thought of the iconic star’s achievement. 

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