Chuck Norris’s Co-Star Received a Massive Offer From Andre Agassi After Getting Knocked Out by the Martial Arts Legend in 1982

Published 01/16/2023, 3:45 PM EST
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The martial arts legend, Chuck Norris, has graced the Hollywood entertainment industry with some of the best fighting sequences. Moreover, with his cinematic kicks and punches, he efficiently knocked down the artists at the receiving end of his prompts. And, those close to real sequences are adored by the fans and the spectators the most. However, instead of Norris, who is well-versed in fighting and maintaining a meticulous physique, one of his co-actors received an offer to work as a fitness trainer. 

Ground Chuck’s 1982 action film, Lone Wolf McQuade has received a lot of plaudits. From Chuck’s rogue persona to his martial arts prowess, the movie has every superhit element in it. While many fans were applauding Norris’s fighting prowess, the tennis star, Andre Agassi’s interest, got piqued by the actor, Gil Reyes. And, as soon as the movie came out, Gil ended up becoming Andre’s personal trainer.

A co-actor to Chuck Norris became a trainer to Andre Agassi


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In May 2022, the Tang Soo Do champion appeared in an interview with Black Belt. Moreover, Chuck shared every nook and cranny of his 35 glorious years in cinema. He even recalled some interesting anecdotes associated with his movies. At one point, the host asked Norris about the tidbits of his classic action movie, Lone Wolf McQuade. As reported by Black Belt, Chuck said, “that’s one of my favorites”.


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Moreover, Norris applauded his co-actors, David Carradine and Barbara Carrera. In fact, he recalled his fighting sequence with Gil Reyes, who played the role of a bouncer in the movie. The martial artist added, “Gil Reyes, the big muscle-bound guy I kept knocking out, ended up becoming Andre Agassi’s personal trainer”. 


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As per, Norris’s revelations, Gil got an offer right after the movie came out in theatres. Interestingly, since then, Reyes continued to train Agassi, and “he still is” Andre’s personal fitness coach.


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What was the attraction in Chuck–Gil fight sequence all about?

In the movie, when Chuck’s character Jim Mcqaude enters the bar with his co-actor, Barbara Carrera, they are approached by the bar bouncers. Moreover, to defend Barbara from Gil, Chuck indulges in a fight with him and keeps knocking him down with his kicks and punches. 


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All in all, Lone Wolf McQuade is one of the most outstanding movies of Norris’s career. Nevertheless, the movie’s fighting sequences were even revered by the pro tennis champion. What do you think about Chuck and Gil’s on-screen dynamics? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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