Wayne Gretzky asserted his dominance in the sphere of Canadian Minor Hockey as a versatile player. However, he was suspended for life, from the game soon enough. Later, the NHL legend had gone out of his way to establish the prominence of his beloved sport within the country.

Gretzky recently addressed his mishap with the sport while eventually taking it on a hilarious note. Additionally, he added the generosity efforts he put in to develop the sport like fundraising, donations, and even golf tournaments, aiming for its better future. 


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Wayne Gretzky reveals about his suspension from Minor Hockey

In a brief Interview with the Spittin’ Chiclets, the former Ice Hockey player quite amusingly opened up about his suspension in Canadian Ice Hockey. Although Gretzky was seen making jokes, he took it quite seriously. “I have a letter that I’m suspended for life from Canadian minor hockey, which is kind of funny”, he said. 



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Furthermore, he scaled the list of efforts he made to grow and advance the beautiful game. Nicknamed as ‘The Great One’, the athlete claimed to have done a range of charity events, fundraising, and donations as well. Gretzky implied, “The ironic thing about it was, when I became Wayne Gretzky in the NHL, I did so many charity events for minor hockey across Canada, not just Ontario.”

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Wayne added, “Whether it be donating equipments or sticks or raising money or going to dinners or golf tournaments.” The notable former athlete was more than just a decent player. Nevertheless, he was quite peculiarly suspended from the sport. 


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Wayne Gretzky’s 1993 comeback

In 1992, Gretzky was diagnosed with hernia after experiencing severe pain around his ribs. The hernia was located at his lower back specifically, at the narrowest point of his spine. Speculations were made about his hockey career since he was to undergo surgery to treat the condition. 

Surprisingly, Gretzky got right back on the field, sooner than anybody had expected. “.. everybody thought I’d died. Nobody expected me to be playing. Nobody expected me to play this well,” he remarked. 


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Taking the suspension sportingly and not having any regrets while his career was at stake, vividly rounds off the values Gretzky holds. Only respect to the NHL legend!