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In Just Two Words, 2017 Wayne Gretzky Opined How Ice Hockey Parents Have to Make Insane Decisions to Support Young Hopefuls

Published 01/05/2023, 5:45 PM EST

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Wayne Gretzky and ice hockey are synonymous with each other. With his love for the game and commendable puck-handling prowess, Gretzky immensely contributed to the world of ice hockey. Even though the ‘Great One’ is now retired from the sport, his legacy is still paving the way for many ice hockey enthusiasts. However, the NHL demigod has rather an intriguing perspective on the modern-day game dynamics of ice hockey.

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6 years ago, the White tornado talked about various in and outs of modern hockey. Gretzky even drew comparisons between hockey during his prime and hockey now. Let’s have a look at the Great One’s perspective.

Wayne Gretzky shared his outlook on modern hockey


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In 2016, Gretzky appeared in an interview with CBC News: The National. He shared his wide perspective on the sport of ice hockey and how it is affecting the coming generations. From talking about the size discrepancy to getting hit during the match, the legend shared various fears revolving around the kids. 


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At one point, Gretzky thoroughly talked about the financial problems that parents have to face when enrolling their children in the game of ice hockey. The Canadian stated, “as far as the money goes, it’s a huge issue”. Gretzky then shared the financial problems that his father has to face before his enrollment in the game. “I remember my dad borrowing money from my grandmother to buy me a pair of skates for $25 or buy me a new hockey stick”. 


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He further conceded, with the parents who find it difficult to afford the ice hockey amenities. “I agree with parents who say it’s just too expensive”, added Gretzky. However, the ‘White Tornado’ found a silver lining within the whole unstable financial situation. He believes, “if you really want to do it, there are ways around it”. And, then he asserted about various communities and charity events that help kids to grow in the world of sports.

The Wayne Gretzky Foundation


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The 61-year-old founded the ‘Wayne Gretzky Foundation’ in the year 2002. The primary mission of the charity is to help less fortunate youth by bridging the gap between their finances and their dreams of exploring the world of ice hockey. Over the years, Gretzky has macadamized many ways to give young enthusiasts the opportunity. From providing ice hockey amenities to inviting youngsters to professional matches, the ‘Great One’ has done a commendable job of supporting the dreams of many.


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Moreover, the NHL champion has a hockey school. And interestingly, the revenue the scroll generates goes directly to the foundation. Gretzky truly is a legend through and through. He is not only a great athlete but also a man of true values.

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