“That’s Crazy”: Speed Comparison With Usain Bolt Left NHL Star Connor McDavid Stunned in 2020

Published 02/25/2023, 12:46 PM EST

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The credit for being the world’s fastest human being goes to Usain Bolt. That man is like lightning, one moment there, the next gone. If one had to find Bolt’s equivalent in the NHL fraternity, Connor McDavid would be a forerunner. While Usain Bolt is fast on his feet, Connor McDavid leaves everyone in the dust when it comes to skating on the ice.

Both are legends in their own right. Yet, being compared to Usain Bolt, when it comes to being fast, is an honor. And when McDavid got the honor of being compared to Bolt, he was flabbergasted, to say the least.

Connor McDavid reacts to being compared to the Lightning Bolt


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While interviewing the captain of the Edmonton Oilers, Cabbie Richards, a.k.a therealcabbie, compared Connor McDavid to the track icon Usain Bolt. It is actually surprising how no one had ever made McDavid realize just how fast he was. As soon as the comparison was made, McDavid was blown away to find out exactly how fast he was on the ice. His reaction, to be exact, was, “That’s crazy.”


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What is crazy is the fact that when the NHL forward skates, he is only a few miles per hour slower than the fastest man on earth. Connor McDavid’s top speed of 40 kilometers (24.85 miles) per hour is just shy of Olympic sprinting champion Usain Bolt’s top speed of 45 kilometers (27.96 miles) per hour. During the interview, Richards informed McDavid, “You skate close to I think 40 kilometers an hour. And Usain Bolt, his top speed is about 45 kilometers an hour.”

To which McDavid replied, “His top speed is, for like, sprinting? What? Wow.” And Richards replied saying, “It’s crazy, right? That you’re 5 kilometers per hour slower than the fastest man in the history of the earth. You move quick.” And the Edmonton Oilers forward does move quickly. In fact, he has won many awards for being one of the fastest men on the ice.

The insane speed of McDavid


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Breaking records is not new for McDavid. McDavid’s insane speed on the ice has won him many accolades. He is the first player that has won back-to-back NHL Fastest Skater competitions. He is also the first one to win three of them, and that too consecutively. At his fastest speed, of around 25 miles per hour, he wouldn’t be able to skate past some school zones. During the NHL All-star events, McDavid has clocked in lap times of as low as 13.31 seconds.

But how did he get so fast? He has attributed his speed to rollerblading since he was a kid. Well, it seems to have done the trick because McDavid hurtling across the ice, is a sight to behold. While he might not be the fastest man in the world or the fastest skater, he still remains the fastest man in NHL.


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Who, according to you, could give Connor McDavid a run for his money when it comes to being fast on the ice?


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