“You’re Such a Miracle”: Amidst Simone Biles’s Brother Struggling With Health, Sister-in-Law Shares a Heartwarming Video With Baby Biles

Published 04/06/2023, 8:02 AM EDT

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A few days ago, Simone Biles’s brother, Ron shared a concerning post on Instagram where he was about to undergo surgery for his right hip. The new father had been suffering from health ailments for years, particularly, around his hip region. After getting a left hip replacement two years ago, brother Biles is now in recovery from his right one’s replacement. Therefore, Ron’s wife Sammi recently gave an adorable update on her husband’s state. 

Taking to her Instagram, Sammi posted a story featuring a precious moment between the father and four-month-old daughter, Ronni. While Ron lay in bed, he playfully held his baby girl in his arms. The adorable bit was complemented by a warm note from the mother. Here’s what it read. 

Simone Biles’ sister-in-law expressed her gratitude for their baby


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As per the social media update, Sammi took a moment to realize the worth of her beautiful family. “You’re such a miracle & blessing Ronni girl. I cry every time I think about how much of a miracle you are & hard we worked to get you here,” she wrote. Moreover, she mentioned the positive spirit the baby brings into the family, despite being so little. 

“You are worth EVERYTHING. Such a light & joy you radiate little mama. God loves you so so so much, such a HUGE blessing in such a tiny little body,” the mother added. A previous story also presented a picture of the father-daughter duo smiling at each other with the caption, “smiles for daddy while he recovers.” 

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Only six days ago, Sammi posted another update narrating her husband’s condition. She admitted to feeling scared and anxious as Ron was about to go into surgery the next day. Hence, the recent updates indicate that all is well with the Biles fam. However, the elaborate caption from the previous post precisely iterated the difficult phase the family was underway. 

Sammi Biles conveyed her concerns ahead of Ron Biles’ surgery

The previous update featured an endearing capture of baby Ronni tucked in her father’s arms donning a beautiful white bow. Describing the ongoings, Sammi wrote, “daddy & little miss may be learning to walk at the same time.” Reportedly, after Ron’s first surgery, his recovery phase was particularly tough. It took him a year to get back on his feet. 


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Things only started to get usual when the couple had to contemplate another surgery for his right hip. Therefore, Mrs. Biles connoted the long recovery time with the above statement. The caption also asserted that this phase is essentially worrisome because of the baby’s responsibilities. Thus, she added, “This time I’m kinda scared to be honest.” 


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It is heartening to know that all’s well with the Biles family. Speaking of Ron’s recovery, it is only a matter of time until he gets back on his feet again and relives their happy family times. 


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