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“Crashing Is Just a Part of Our Job”: Lindsey Vonn Takes Death in Stride as Part of Her Passionate Profession

Published 12/13/2022, 5:00 PM EST

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The major components of several sports are the physical prowess and flair for performing them. However, the hidden and most important exigency is courage. Whether it is rock climbing or surfing, the sport requires a moxie to perform it. Likewise, Alpine Skiing is one such sport that not only gives an adrenaline rush but also an edge of risk to the one who is pursuing it. 

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The legendary Alpine Ski racer, Lindsey Vonn opened up about the risks and threats that are involved in her beloved sport of Skiing. Apart from the imperils of the sport, Vonn also revealed what drives her to conquer the risks of skiing.


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Lindsey Vonn’s take on extremities involved in Skiing

A couple of months back, Lindsey Vonn sat with Graham Bensinger to talk about the diverse set of risks that are involved in Skiing. The Olympian profoundly chatted about the precariousness of the sport. Explaining the dangers of the sport, she said, “there are people that have been paralyzed, lost their legs, there are people that have died, those are the risks that we take”.

However, the 38-year-old wasn’t afraid of the threats as she stated, “I love it so much, there’s nothing about it that frightens me”. Vonn in fact mentioned her drive to overcome the fear, as she added, “the faster I go the more fun I am having”.


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The Skier further shared a positive outlook on the dangers of the sport. “Crashing is just a part of our job you know. The downs also make you appreciate the highs a lot more”. Clearly, Lindsey’s optimistic take on the threatening scenarios proves she loves her sport of Skiing dearly.


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Lindsey Vonn retired with some major injuries

The 4x world cup overall championships winner, Lindsey Vonn retired in the year 2019. During her retirement, she was suffering from some fractures in her left knee and a completely damaged cartilage in her right knee. Forthwith her retirement, the American Skier underwent some surgeries, but she can’t handle heavy workloads. However, the 38-year-old still actively mentors many ski enthusiasts through her social media. 


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Lindsey Vonn truly admires her beloved sport. No matter how many risks the sport involves, repeatedly Vonn expressed her moxie and determination to win big.

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