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“I Ain’t Watching S**t”: Lance Armstrong Initially Refused to Watch Bill Burr’s Oprah Roast Which Painted Infamous Cyclist in a Positive Light

Published 11/25/2022, 2:45 PM EST

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When it comes to controversial legendary players who lost their fame and winnings in a blink of an eye, Lance Armstrong is the athlete that comes to the top of anyone’s mind. Armstrong had won historic seven Tour de France titles in his career. But he couldn’t end his career with those; as all of them were taken back after he was found positive for doping.

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Armstrong himself confessed to using PEDs (Performance-Enhancing Drugs) during his career victories. However, there is another thing for which he got badly trolled. But all the negativity aside, the American standup comedian Bill Burr shed some positive words for the former cyclist. What did Armstrong have to say about it?


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Lance Armstrong refused to listen to the clip

After the whole incident of Lance Armstrong featured on Oprah’s show. Bill Burr was featured on Conan on TBS. And he shared his views on the same in a ranting and humorous way. But Armstrong ignored hearing what Bill said about him for a long time because of being prejudiced at that moment.

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Long after the incident when Lance and Bill talked, Lance revealed about the incident. Lance said“So the first time I got to know you, and I want to be fully transparent here, was… you were on Conan. Let me back up… My s*t goes where it goes. I do Oprah, probably two or three weeks late you know. Then after Oprah, the whole world is like oh my god we got to lynch this guy.”


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He continued, “Two or three weeks later you go on Conan and you just spontaneously did this the shtick which I didn’t see my manager said dude you got to watch this. I was like Nah, I’m not watching anything. I ain’t watching s*t.”  

Armstrong loved it when Bill roasted Oprah 

Lance Armstrong had a hard time after he went on Oprah’s show. Notably, he got trolled heavily. Armstrong refused to hear what his manager wanted him to see because, during that time, everyone was speaking against him. But when he looked at the clip after a couple of months; he couldn’t help but love Bill for how he said things.


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ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 14: Lance Armstrong of the USA talk to the media during a press conference at the Hilton Hotel on January 14, 2010 in Adelaide, Australia. Armstrong is in Adelaide to compete in the Tour Down Under which begins next week and will see the debut of his new team Team RadioShack. (Photo by James Knowler/Getty Images)

Armstrong told Bill, “Then like a month or two later he’s like you really have to watch this… It’s like ah, I love this guy.” He loved the phrases used by Bill such as, “Sociopath on a bike, Oprah stood on the head of midgets.” Moreover, he didn’t try to pull Lance down and tried to look at both sides of the coin.


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