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“Simone Is in Gym Everyday”: Hints of Simone Biles’ Surprise Gymnastics Comeback Leaves Sports World in Frenzy

Published 06/01/2023, 12:31 PM EDT

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With four Olympic gold medals, and overall seven Olympic medals to her name, the gymnastics legend Simone Biles is definitely someone you’d want on your team. Biles’ career has been an abundantly decorated one. However, for the past two years, the Olympian has been on a hiatus from the professional gymnastics arena. The reasons for the same are multiple, but Biles has time and again expressed and prioritized her mental wellness.

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Simone Biles bowed out of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, citing mental health concerns. Since then, there have been various new developments in her life. The fabled gymnast got engaged and married the love of her life, cruising her way to getting better. However, at the same time, her dedicated fanbase has been eagerly waiting for her to get back on the mats. Is the wait finally over?

Will Simone Biles make a comeback soon?


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One of the bravest moves that the athlete ever made was not vaulting herself several feet off the ground in an astonishing display of grace. No, Biles was considered the most courageous when she let go of all the glory and fame and decided to choose herself over her promising career. During her routine in the 2020 Olympics, Biles got a case of what the gymnastics world calls the ‘twisties’. The situation was not all that pretty after that.

Simply put, ‘twisties’ is a phenomenon where a gymnast loses the connection between their body and their mind. The consequences are easy to guess. How else is a gymnast supposed to perform complicated movements when their muscles won’t move when their mind asks them to? Simone Biles stepped off the vaulting podium and realized she had to take a break before she could step into the competition once again. She did get back on the stage at the Tokyo Olympics after tweaking her routine a bit which won her a bronze medal. But more important than the medal was the experience she had and the lesson she learned.


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According to the official Olympics website, Biles told the media about bringing light to the conversations about mental health means the most. She added, “It’s something that people go through a lot that’s kind of pushed under the rug. I feel like we’re not just entertainment, we’re humans as well.” As Biles has slowly been making her way to feeling like herself again, her admirers have been patiently waiting for her. Recently, she has also hinted that she will be at the 2024 Olympics.

Rumors of a much-awaited comeback excite fans

Whether she will compete or not is something she hasn’t confirmed. However, looks like the wait might finally be over. A tweet with two photos shared by @TheMedalCount_ pondered the question, “…if one of the gymnasts in these two photos is Simone Biles training on the uneven bars”. As the tweet circulated, Simone Biles’ admirers cried a resounding YES at her return. A fan who seemed sure of her comeback commented:

Interestingly, one even addressed the conjectures formed around the Olympian’s return to competitive gymnastics this year. A fan underlined the speculations of Biles’ participation in the US elite circuit.

One fan took it one step ahead by mentioning the gymnast’s presence in the training videos online. The follower even claimed to have spotted the gymnast performing routines on the beam.


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This was also followed by a picture, and we must say, there seems to be some veracity to the claim:


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With her being away from the sport for almost two years, and exploring different domains of her life, the gymnast might not make a comeback this year. However, with the pictures shared in the tweet, the gymnast’s fandom is certain about her return anytime soon. Nonetheless, only time will tell us whether Simone Biles will grace us with her presence in the gymnastics world soon or not., don’t you agree?

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