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10-Year-Old Deaf Hockey Player, Aiming to Create History in the NHL, Appears in the Hit HBO Series

Published 02/16/2023, 6:30 AM EST

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Keivonn Woodard is an under-10 ice hockey player for Bowie Hockey Club in Maryland. Woodard is known for his extraordinary attentive skills and unique styles of celebration in his team. Naturally, playing hockey is not his only forte. Woodard has also appeared on screen in the 2023 HBO hit series, The Last of Us. Although the 10-year-old is deaf, his dreams have never been less. He wants to become the first black deaf NHL player in the world. However, on the way to becoming that, he is also pursuing acting. As a part of the Black History Month celebration, an writer, William Douglas, wrote about the young hockey prodigy cum actor.  

Let’s have a look at what Douglas was told by the creator of the show and Woodard’s hockey coach about the versatile young sensation. 

Young NHL aspirant displays his skills both as a player and an actor 


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Keivonn Woodard plays a role of a boy called Sam in the post-apocalyptic zombie fungus thriller. As stated by, the co-creator of The Last of Us, Craig Mazin said, “Keivonn got to experience pretty much everything a production can throw at you as an actor, and it was just water off a duck’s back. He was always on time, always happy, it didn’t matter if it was first thing in the morning or three weeks of shooting at night. He always knew his lines … he understood the scene, and he took direction gorgeously.”


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On the other hand, he is equally, if not more, skilled in ice hockey where he aims to make it to the NHL. He started playing hockey after he got keen on the game when he saw other kids playing it at Bowie Ice Arena. Later, he talked his parents into playing the costliest sport for kids and began his journey. Although his parents were a bit hesitant in the beginning, they couldn’t resist much. 


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When it comes to hockey, Woodard has shown immense talent on the field and has impressed everyone. His coach, Chris Pozerski said, “He’s my top goal-scorer and he’s definitely one of the top three players on the team without a doubt.” However, his disability caused him a few problems in the beginning. But with time, and with the help of the interpreter, Woodard has grown beyond those problems and has improved remarkably. 


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Whether it be acting or sports, he has proved himself highly and attracted thousands of eyes to his work. What do you think of this young prodigy? Let us know in the comment section. 

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