“Has All but Killed Hockey”: Fans Vent Out Their Frustration After NHL Insider Drops Massive Bombshell on Arizona Coyotes

Published 03/12/2023, 9:30 AM EDT

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The day has arrived when NHL might take a firm decision soon against the Arizona Coyotes. Common knowledge dictates that the Coyotes has been one of the troubled teams in the NHL. Despite underperforming for years, all its shortcomings have been obscured by the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. However, most recently, an NHL insider spilled the tea over their waning support. 

The moment the news aired via a Facebook page, the fans didn’t wait a moment to vent out their frustration on the league’s administration, primarily Bettman.

Elliotte Friedman revealed some big hints


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After constantly failing for a series of years, the Coyotes have now been subjugated for a critical review. The general managers’ meetings will look at the Coyotes more closely through its widening cracks. Even the commissioner of the league finds himself to be helpless, according to Elliotte Friedman. When Friedman was featured on the 32 Thoughts podcast, he was not one to keep quiet and said, “The other thing I really think is coming up is Arizona. But I’m not convinced that’s a GM issue. I think that’s a board of governor issue if the other owners are particularly upset about it.”

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It is natural to ask oneself what will change Bettman’s stand now if it hasn’t changed until this point. What Friedman has revealed is the dissatisfaction of the owners has contributed much to opening up the Coyotes debate far and beyond. Bettman eventually has to answer the league’s owners. The league owners aren’t much happy with the way things are going with the Coyotes.


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Friedman said, “I’ll say this, I’ve had a couple of GMs who tell me their owners are not happy about it.” He continued, “I’ll tell you this. I know that there are some agents and players who do feel very strongly about that, we’ll see where it goes.”

Moving on, let us have a look at the unhappy fans’ reactions who revealed their frustration as they came to know about this information.

Frustrated fans gave some bitter pills to swallow

The fans were happy with the information about NHL’s intent to double down on the Coyotes. However, they didn’t look happy about the fact that they took so long to consider it. The news hot off the press has fans breaking their bubble of frustration onto the NHL commissioner who began lashing out on the comment section of the Facebook post. Let us have a look at the comments that went against Bettman.

As this fan has already presumed ahead of time that the Coyotes team will be dissolved soon, they wished to let go of Bettman too. They said, “When are we gonna lose enough patience to get Bettman out. He has all but killed hockey. Needs to go.” This fan regarded Bettman as the one to take the blame for the Coyotes, and said, “Just blam Brettman for that problem 🏒🇨🇦”

Many others had similar opinions. Take a look!

“get bettman to step down”

“I’m waiting for them to lose patience with Bettman”


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Whereas some other fans vented out their anger altogether on the league’s administration. They wrote,

“If the rumor is true it’s about time. They make the NHL look bush league.”

“The Arizona Super Bowl 2023 had more attendance in one game than the Cayotie’s 41 home game”


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Although all this information is still based on what Elliott Friedman has gathered and revealed in a podcast, we will still have to wait and see what happens in the upcoming meeting of GMs.What will be your reaction if strict action is taken against Arizona Coyotes in the upcoming meeting? Let us know in the comments section.

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