“This Is a Huge Risk”: Dallas Stars Centre’s Leg Gets Sliced Open by a Freak Injury, Leaving NHL Fans Concerned

Published 03/10/2023, 1:14 PM EST

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Dallas Stars had a massive blow as their key forward Tyler Seguin suffered an injury on the rink yesterday evening. In the NHL game against the home team, Buffalo Sabres, Seguin got his leg sliced open as the opponent, Jordan Greenway, accidentally stepped onto his leg. Moreover, as the injury wasn’t minor, the Stars forward was rushed outside the rink immediately after the accident. Notably, the injury happened in the first period. But Seguin didn’t come back to the rink for the rest of the game as well. As there have been no updates since then, uncertainties kick in.

Hockey Feed posted this update on their Facebook page shortly after the incident. As the NHL fans witnessed the unsettling accident, they disclosed their concerns for the Dallas Stars forward. While some fans believed injuries to be a part and parcel of the game, there have been contrasting comments by the fans.

NHL fans reacted contrastingly on the matter of Seguin’s injury


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Although Dallas Stars got a big blow in the first period, the team didn’t lose its way. The table topper of Central Division, the Stars continued their strong run and won the game by 10-4 against the Sabres. While talking about Seguin’s injury, the six-time NHL All-Star got tangled with Sabres forward and fell on the rink. However, at the moment as Greenway also lost his balance, his skates got pushed against Seguin’s knee causing the cut.

After the game, the Stars coach confirmed that it was a cut that got stitched later. Moreover, they will be evaluating his injury by observing his progress. Seguin has been tremendous for the Stars with some incredible performances. However, the team is in an excellent position currently, but the player’s absence will be felt if he doesn’t recover soon. 

The Facebook page of Hockey Feed posted this update with a caption concerning the recurring injuries. A few were concerned about the injuries, whereas others were adamant that ice hockey is a sport where injuries are inevitable. Let’s look at the comments that expressed concern about the injury. 


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22 days ago

“Freak accident. He should be okay. The team doctors know this is a huge risk. Even if some guys wear Kevlar socks, they kinda hit a spot where there’s never been a lot of padding. It’s also right near where the socks end. Hopefully he didn’t slice a tendon or anything and just needs stitches and a few weeks off. Scary to see.”

“What’s going on with these crazy injuries ??”

“Need to make hockey socks out of the Kevlar cloth used in filleting gloves. It’s lightweight and breathable; it could happen.”


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Others left comments which urged people to calm themselves as getting injured was a normal occurrence for ice hockey players. They wrote, 

“What can they do? Stop being so dramatic. It’s hockey and those are the risks”

“Jesus, hockey needs to do something about this? This was a fluke accident. The players already have access to cut-proof socks. There is only so much that can be done in a sport where the players carry sticks and skate on dual-edged razor blades.”


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There is no recent update on the injury after what the coach had informed post-game. However, for more NHL updates, engage here. 

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