After the Surf Ranch Pro controversy and the sudden exit of Erik Logan as the CEO of the World Surf League, one would assume that the surfing world has had enough controversies to last a while. But just like no one can stop the Earth from turning on its axis, it seems like no one can stop the surfing community from being entrenched in yet another contention. And this time, the professional surfer Sarah Brady is the one in the limelight.

In the year 2021, Sarah Brady attained popularity after she started dating superstar Jonah Hill. The couple dated for about a year, and split up in 2022. However, a little more than a year after they broke up, Brady has taken to social media to share certain shocking insights about her relationship with the actor, and the same has taken the internet by storm.

Hill’s surfing instructor and ex-girlfriend opens up about their relationship


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Sarah Brady, in addition to being a surfing instructor, is also an environmental activist. Reports claim that Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady met while surfing. The couple was largely silent about their relationship on social media, but Hill did put up a post appreciating his partner, Sarah Brady. While it’s impossible to know what was going on behind the scenes, Brady took to Instagram to share some personal messages on her stories on July 8 and changed the narrative.


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According to Brady, her relationship was such that she was not able to freely post pictures that she wanted to. While at the time the surfer and activist accepted it, she is not so happy anymore. When the pair broke up in 2022, Sarah Brady remained silent on the split, and as such, did not offer any explanation or comment about the scenario. Now, she has come forward to share her experience, and according to her claims, she omitted from sharing certain kinds of photos and videos on her social media because of pushback from Jonah Hill.

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Since their separation, Jonah Hill has started dating Olivia Miller, and the ‘Superbad’ star and Miller welcomed a child together in June. There have also been rumors of the couple getting engaged, however, neither have confirmed the same. But Sarah Brady already seems to be on the mend. In addition to sharing her journey of healing during the past year, she has also started re-posting certain pictures she got rid of, allegedly, due to Jonah Hill. This move has earned her support on the internet.


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Netizens championing the cause of Brady

Supporting Sarah Brady’s decision to re-share her old posts, someone commented on her post saying, “Him asking you, as a surf instructor, to take down pictures of you surfing in a bikini is a desperate attempt to destroy your career and isolate you so that you have to rely on him. The silver lining is experiences like these will teach you how to master at red flags…” Another Brady supporter cheered her decision to speak out about her adversities. They wrote, “i see you. i hear you. you are not alone. you are beyond brave.”

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After sharing a similar story, a commentator validated Sarah Brady’s viewpoint, and commented, “Thank you for speaking out!” Another fan showed some encouragement to the professional surfer, and said, “It’s brave of you to speak out about this. I went through the same thing. One minute liking the same photos of me that turned into a problem once we were together. You’ll find someone you deserve.” While some have spoken in favor of her sharing her conversations publicly, others have been critical of her viewpoint, and the medium she has used to express it, instead choosing to favor Jonah.


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