“Breath Is Ever Important”: Big Wave Surfer, Known for His Control Over the Ultimate Human Practice, Describes the Inner Secrets of Inhaling And Exhaling

Published 12/07/2022, 6:30 PM EST

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Laird Hamilton is an American big-wave surfer. Although he is a popular face in water sports, he has many more accomplishments to his name. Laird is also an actor, producer, investor, model, author, and fitness and nutrition expert. He has an abundance of knowledge in all the respective fields he works in.

Back in 2015, Laird was featured in an interview with Lewis Howes, where they discussed and talked about several things.


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One of the discussions came on the importance of the connection of a human with their breath. Hamilton described how proper breathing can help anyone increase their efficiency at work by many times. 

Laird Hamilton revealed the power of mastered breathing

Breathing is the most basic requirement for living; if a person can’t inhale or exhale, he is not alive. However, simply breathing is keeping you alive, but breathing can be used as a weapon to enhance day-to-day performances. According to Hamilton, breathing oxygen gives our muscles the power to work, and if one can master breathing, it can be the best lesson of their life.


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Hamilton said“When you are in the ocean or in the water, breath is ever important because your relationship with rounding. But the thing that you realize is that your spirit or your soul is connected to your breath and you know when a baby takes its first breath is when the spirit comes into the body just like when the breath stops, so does the spirit leaves. It’s a connection to your soul and then obviously it’s mandatory for life.”

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He continued, “Cardiovascular activities and any kind of exertion, it’s all about breathing. I mean, breathing is your fuel, that’s your energy, that’s your power.” 

The transition from a surfer to a fitness and nutrition expert


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Laird Hamilton is one of the greatest big-wave surfers in the world. However, for more than a decade now, Hamilton had been indulged in advising fitness and training tips to elevate performance. Several athletes and celebrities take guidance from Hamilton. His unique techniques and workouts benefit the individual immensely.

He has become a motto of a healthy lifestyle. Especially after the publication of his first book called, Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul, and Of Course Surfing. Moreover, he keeps learning, experimenting, and sharing positive results with the world for a better lifestyle.


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Among the many techniques he promotes, breathing is one of the most important ones. That is because breathing is the most essential part of life that we all do. However, only a very few people extract the extra power from it. Hamilton feels mastering breathing can be a life-changing experience for everyone. Have you ever tried breathing exercises? 


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