“I Chased a Hurricane”: Surfing Buff Hunting Waves Around the World Has an Exciting Adventure During Stormy Weather

Published 08/15/2023, 2:18 PM EDT

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Amid the roar of tempestuous tides and the boundless expanse of the sea, a daring surfing narrative unfolds. This is the tale of a modern-day adventurer, Ben Gravy, whose journey through the waves defies the ordinary. Gravy, a well-known surfer and YouTuber has accepted a challenge that exemplifies audacity and a unique approach. Not your typical surfer, he embraces the extraordinary in the world of waves and is a man on a mission.

Ben Gravy’s philosophy on surfing distinguishes him from other surfers and goes beyond simply riding the waves. He has developed a devoted fan base by embracing the unexpected rather than striving for perfect scores or waves. Gravy frequently travels off the beaten path, and for his most recent mission, he set out on a daring journey to chase a hurricane as part of his ambitious plan to conquer the world’s oceans.

Surfing buff’s latest hurricane adventure


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In his recent YouTube video titled “I Chased a Hurricane into The Netherlands & SCORED!!!”, Ben Gravy’s spirit of adventure takes center stage. In the captivating video, Gravy’s words resonate as he captures the essence of his daring escapade: “This trip to Europe has been eye-opening, to say the least! Storm Surfing in Belgium & then subsequently chasing that same hurricane into The Netherlands & getting a little dose of the surf culture here on the North Sea has been so much fun.”

His words reflect a deep connection, not just with the waves, but with the surf culture and the challenges that come with it. Gravy’s caption to the video encapsulates his sentiment: “I can relate to these surfers heavily, because of spending my life surfing in New Jersey. We have very similar conditions… very challenging! haha. Thanks for all of the stoke & support for what I do! FOR THE DREAM!! – Ben.” His enthusiasm is palpable as he seeks to share his journey with his viewers. Amidst the tumultuous waves, Gravy’s journey unveils more than just the act of riding swells.

Ben Gravy’s unconventional journey

Gravy has impressively surfed all 50 states, navigating the Cape May-Lewes Ferry’s wake, traversing the length of the Jersey Shore, and even dominating the coasts of New Jersey, California, and Hawaii in one incredible day. Ben Gravy’s journey is not limited by the conventional surfing norms; instead, he forges ahead into uncharted territory, as evidenced by his most recent adventure, a daring journey to Belgium where he planned to face a hurricane in the choppy North Sea.


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Amidst this unconventional journey, he made stops at unexpected places prior to this, from riverbanks chasing tanker waves to detours at Wasserski Langenfeld’s landlocked artificial wave paradise. His ultimate goal loomed ahead before Netherlands—surfing Hurricane Don in the North Sea, a journey that took him from the eastern coast, past Belgium and the Netherlands, to the stormy Northeast. With winds ranging from 20 to 37 miles per hour, Gravy carved his path amidst nature’s fury, eventually proclaiming victory as he emerged on the Belgian shores, elated by the experience.

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After the surfing video in Netherlands commenced, he declared, “We’re off to Switzerland!” With his next adventure in Switzerland, Gravy’s journey of audacity continues, promising yet another chapter of exhilaration and triumph.

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