“Don’t Care if They Label With ADHD”: Michael Phelps’ Mother Refused to Give Up on His Son Despite Teachers Making a Claim He Will Never Succeed Due to Medical Struggles

Published 10/04/2022, 11:15 AM EDT

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Michael Phelps took the swimming world by storm with his speed. Legendary swimmer has dominated the sport throughout his career and bagged multiple medals in the Olympics. Indeed, he is the most decorated Olympian of all time. He has clinched 23 gold medals out of his total count of 28 medals. The other includes three silver and two bronze.

However, most people don’t know this iconic olympian suffered from ADHD during childhood. Phelps’ mother, Deborah Phelps, revealed how she tackled his ADHD issue when even his schoolteachers demotivated him by predicting his future as unsuccessful.


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Michael Phelps’ mother stood strong when the conditions weren’t in his favor

Growing up with ADHD is not a simple life. You have unique challenges to face. Michael Phelps once disclosed“I had a teacher tell me I would never amount to anything and I would never be successful.” In life, school teachers are one of the first instructors about life. And seeing partiality on their behalf can be unimaginably hurtful to a kid.

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However, his mother never thought for once that her son was less than others. Once in an interview, Debbie revealed how she dealt with Michael’s ADHD. She said“I was able to put behavioral modification into place. Kids need structure, kids need consistency. I don’t care if they label with ADHD or not, they had to have those parameters in order to be successful.”


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Debbie further observed the qualities the kids with ADHD have, rather than counting the disadvantages. She added, “Kids who have ADHD are very determined children. They are very creative children. They can excel in the area they have a passion for. I really think Michael was the prime example of that.”

ADHD might have been a struggle, but Phelps doesn’t have any complaints about it


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ADHD must have been difficult for Phelps to grow with. However, the legend does not have any objection to it. Whatever it was, it helped him to be the man he has become. Not to forget, his mother has an incredible contribution to his success in what he has achieved. 

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Life has never been easy for the greatest olympian of all time. Even after becoming a big star, he has had mental health issues he faced in his career. Phelps is indeed a fit man physically, but he has also shown his mental strength with all he has gone through in his life and still achieved the best.


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Thankfully, Phelps didn’t get enough demotivated by his teacher to lose the confidence to win. But in contrast, he conquered a whole sport with his hard work. Now, not only the teacher but the world has witnessed what a kid can achieve, irrespective of his condition. Moreover, another lesson to be learnt from this legend, people might not see your worth but you have to, regardless of the number of people opposing your worth.


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