“This Is Spot On!”: Michael Phelps Approves 47-Year-Old NFL Legend’s Self-Care Lessons

Published 03/03/2023, 5:00 AM EST

Michael Phelps is one of the most active leaders of mental health awareness programs in the American sports fraternity. Phelps has been quite vocal about his fight against mental health issues. Recently, when his friend and one of the greatest NFL linebackers, Ray Lewis, posted an Instagram video with a few self-care tips, Michael Phelps took the moment to applaud his friend.

The swimming legend shared Lewis’s video on his Instagram story and wrote an adorable message for him. Here, let us have a look at what Ray had to offer in the video that Phelps validates and shares in his Instagram stories. 

Michael Phelps couldn’t agree more with Ray Lewis


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Ray Lewis and Michael Phelps share a long history of friendship. Lewis has helped Phelps untangle himself from difficult situations during his career. As Michael Phelps watched the latest Instagram video of Lewis, he couldn’t stop but appreciate his lessons. In his Instagram story, Phelps wrote, “Yep. Love you homie!!! This is spot on!”

But what did Lewis convey in his video? Ray Lewis explained the healthy morning routine he followed. He expressed his detachment from technology early in the morning to give a healthy start to the day. Moreover, he told what is threatening the peace of mind of the upcoming generation, and a solution as a way out of this problem.


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He said, “To be totally connected with who you are, you got to be disconnected to understand what your purpose is. If you never disconnect, every day the only thing that would excite you is who like your posts, who like your pictures, who like what you ate last night. I’m going to leave you like this.”


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Lewis continued, “Stop waiting for everybody else to make you happy. Stop waiting for everybody else to appreciate your kinghood or your queenhood and find out who you are. And you will never look for someone else to bring you joy. Today’s message is simple. It’s time to take care of you.”

This isn’t the first time Ray Lewis has inspired Michael Phelps with his words. Lewis was the reason why Phelps was able to add five more gold medals to his Olympic record. This was primarily because the NFL legend gave the harsh reality check to the swimming GOAT after he retired after the 2012 Olympics. Eventually, this helped Phelps to reflect on his career, come back in 2016 and win six Olympic medals.


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What do you think about the precious words of the NFL legend in this Instagram video? Let us know in the comments section.

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