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“Wants to Fight Girls in the Bathroom”: Michael Phelps’ Sister Opens Up on Her Fight With Alcoholism

Published 12/01/2022, 11:00 AM EST

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Having won 23 Olympic gold medals, swimming GOAT, Michael Phelps is inarguably the most decorated Olympian in history. But despite being incredibly successful, Phelps has been through a variety of phases in his life. That includes success, hard work, depression, anxiety, and so on. However, earlier this year, his eldest sister, Hilary Phelps, came out with a massive revelation about her life and her fight with alcoholism.

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Hilary opened up about the drinking problem she had since her college days. Notably, she is someone from whom Michael Phelps took inspiration for swimming in his childhood days. Moreover, she was the first one to take Michael to swimming classes. Is Hilary over the alcoholism now, or is she still fighting against it?


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Michael Phelps’ sister opened up about her fight with alcoholism 

Michael Phelps’ sister disclosed her alcoholism issue earlier this year. However, she has left back the problem. But she wanted people to know about it with the purpose of serving the alcoholics who want a way out. She said, “I want people to feel like they’re not alone.” Hilary revealed she is fighting against alcoholism since her college days.

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Furthermore, she explained her situation of the time when she was in an alcohol trap. She confessed“The way I drank, you never knew who you were going to get. Who you see today isn’t who it was then. When I start to pour alcohol in my body, you could get the fun Hilary that’s great to be around and is the life of the party. Or, you could get the sad, sappy, ‘Oh my God, I’m so happy you’re my friend.’ Or, the angry Hilary that wants to fight girls in the bathroom.”


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Phelps began her fight against alcoholism when she was 29 years old. She explained the first step is to take away from the cues that led you to alcohol. She made lifestyle modifications. Moreover, she changed the surrounding people and the environment, which might lead her to the same problem again.

Hilary revealed how Michael helped her to open up in public

Hilary Phelps came open in public this June when she completed fifteen years of sobriety. It wasn’t easy to open up about the series of mistakes. She wasn’t even comfortable opening up to her family, as her image was of the oldest and strongest sibling of the family.


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However, she rose above everything and quit alcohol after struggling for several years. When it came to inspiration to open up, she didn’t have to go far, as it was in her own family. She added, “Michael being so open about his mental health struggles was one of the reasons I felt comfortable, because, for somebody so incredible to do all the things that he did and still suffered in silence and struggle, it was really empowering and gave me the strength.” 

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Hilary Phelps opened up socially as she wants to create an impact. She aims to help those people who are going through the same as she has already gone through.

Isn’t her journey quite inspiring? Let us know our thoughts about the same in the comments below.

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