“It Means Something”: Noah Lyles Stuns Track and Field World With Candid Confession in Recent Update

Published 11/17/2023, 9:58 AM EST

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Noah Lyles stands out as a fierce force in the world of track and field. With his fiery personality and blazing speed, he has quickly garnered much-deserved attention. The year 2023 has been huge for the reigning World Champion.

From breaking Usain Bolt’s record for the most sub-20 finishes in the 200m category to claiming the prestigious Jesse Owens honor for the third consecutive time, he has proved that he not only talks the talk but runs the talk. And now, in a recent revelation from the “3 Peat” star, he has made another bold claim, stunning the track community.

Noah Lyles makes a bold and candid confession


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In a recent post on X, Noah Lyles enthralled his 81.2K followers with a compelling revelation. “Idky, but there has been a lot of 3s in my life this year. 3rd time winning 200m World Championships, 3 Gold medals at Worlds, 3rd US Athlete of the Year, and 3rd American to do the triple at WC. I feel like it means something, but idk what”. This year alone, Lyles has won the gold 100-meter, 200-meter, and 4×100-meter at the 2023 Budapest World Championships. Lyles’ achievements extend beyond a single year as well, as he clinched victory in the 200m and 4x100m events in three consecutive World Championships: 2019, 2022, and 2023.

This extraordinary feat makes him the first man since Usain Bolt in 2015 to achieve the sprint treble at a World Championship. This confession left fans stunned as he shared this uncanny series of threes, raising speculation about its significance. The surprise deepens as Lyles, who recently claimed the prestigious Jesse Owens honor for the third consecutive time, also finds himself nominated for Athlete of the Year amongst track titans.

Lyles aligns himself among the legends

In a recent post on X by Global Athletics, they shared, “Congratulations to 6x World Champion @LylesNoah on winning the 2023 @usatf Jesse Owens Award as America’s best men’s track and field athlete of the year! He now joins @MJGold as the only other man to win the Jesse Owens Award three times.”  This remarkable win aligns him with the legendary Michael Johnson, the only other man to claim the Jesse Owens Award three times.


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In response to the honor, a surprised Noah Lyles took to his X platform to share the news in his witty style. Lyles once again finds himself nominated alongside track titans Neeraj Chopra, Ryan Crouser, Mondo Duplantis, and Kelvin Kiptum. He posted an update sharing the World Athletics Athlete of the Year Award Finalist picture and acknowledged his recent Jesse Owens Award win, writing, “Is the triple enough to get World Athletes of the Year?”.

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The coincidence seems uncanny, yet Noah Lyles unquestionably deserves the accolades and achievements bestowed upon him with his sheer display of talent. And now, as fans await the unveiling of the World Athletes of the Year on December 11, we can’t help but ask. Will Noah Lyles, who won the Jesse Owens Award three times, earn himself the coveted title of Athlete of the Year? Comment below! 

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