7 Years After Retirement, Usain Bolt Makes a Cryptic Statement Ahead of Paris Olympics 2024

Published 04/15/2024, 3:29 PM EDT

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As the world eagerly anticipates the Paris Olympics of 2024, the echoes of Usain Bolt‘s lightning-fast strides still resonate within the hearts of fans worldwide. The Jamaican track and field legend, with eight Olympic gold medals adorning his career, has supremacy in the 100m and 200m events and remains unmatched even seven years after his retirement.

His electrifying performances at Beijing 2008, London 2012, and Rio 2016 not only secured his status as the fastest man alive but also marked his name in the pantheon of athletic greatness. In 2017, the world bid farewell to the sprinting colossus as Usain Bolt gracefully retired from competitive racing. Yet, as the torch passes to a new generation of athletes, Bolt’s spirit of sportsmanship still shines brightly as he discloses a surprising longing ahead of the Paris Olympics.

Amidst the anticipation and excitement for the upcoming feats on the track at the Paris Olympics 2024, Usain Bolt, in a moment of reflection, shared a cryptic message on his X platform. “I wish I could see Usain Bolt run one more time 🥶,” he wrote. And why wouldn’t he? His 100m record at the 2009 IAAF World Championships, where he clocked in 9.58 seconds, is something people would want to witness all over again. His average ground speed was 37.58km/h. But during the race, his top speed was 44.72km/h in the 60-80m stretch. That’s the reason he is called the world’s fastest man.


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But does his tweet signal a potential comeback? Does not seem likely. He retired back in August 2017. The 4×100 meters relay final at the World Championships was the last time he ran. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. He was the anchor leg, but just as he took the baton from his teammate, he suffered a leg cramp. As a result, he couldn’t end the race. Perhaps this fueled the idea behind his tweet.


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However, Usain Bolt’s recent message also comes just days after he even made a pricey demand from the sport’s federation. What could it be?

A hint of Olympic nostalgia or a sneak peek into Paris 2024?

Just recently, the World Athletics Organization made waves with a groundbreaking announcement: Olympic gold medalists across all 48 track and field events in Paris will receive a substantial prize of $50,000 each, a bold departure from tradition. This move garnered global attention, especially from the iconic sprinter Usain Bolt, whose witty response stirred memories of his illustrious 16-year Olympic journey.


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Reflecting on the significance of the decision, “Any retroactive payment😉,” quipped Bolt, capturing nostalgia and anticipation surrounding the upcoming Paris Olympics. Considering Bolt’s potential earnings of $325,000 from his six individual golds and two relay triumphs under the new prize scheme, speculation arises about the motive behind his cryptic message. However, will fans see him in Paris? Yes!

Bolt has confirmed his presence in Paris for the 2024 Olympics, sharing, “I’m very happy to be here and feel the energies. Paris has always been a city that I enjoyed competing and hanging out in. I’m excited for the Olympics next year. I’ll be here with my family.” The looming question now remains: will the world’s fastest man grace the track once more? You never know. That epic head-scratcher adds an extra layer of anticipation to the unfolding drama of the Paris Olympics.


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