“Be Okay With People Laughing at You”: Surfing Legend Laird Hamilton Once Got Vulnerable on His Mentality Growing Up

Published 12/06/2022, 4:45 PM EST

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With his exquisite performances over the years, Laird Hamilton became one of the greatest names in the sport of surfing. He not only made his way to the peak of the waves but also touched the hearts of millions of fans. However, Laird credits his success and recognition to his humble background.

A year ago, in an interview, Hamilton talked about his modest upbringing. Laird even expressed his gratitude for everything that led to his success.


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Laird Hamilton on modesty and non-egotistical pursuit

In 2021, Laird appeared in an interview with Rich Roll. The host and Laird talked about everything from his career to the endorsements he’d been part of. At one point, in an interview, the host asked Laird about his adaptable nature and versatility. On this Laird answered by saying, “I attribute the part of that to where I grew up”.

Laird further shared how he got picked on a lot for trying new styles in surfing. He mentioned people used to make fun of him for his efforts and techniques. Laird elaborated further by adding, “the willingness to be a beginner again and be okay with the people laughing at you….I was used to that”.


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According to Laird’s revelations, he even got racially bullied for his persona. However, he ultimately became used to it, as he stated, “it becomes almost a formula”. Laird concluded his experience on a positive note by saying, “I think the biggest thing is about being a beginner and willing to subject yourself to failure”.

Hamilton’s upbringing and background


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Laird Hamilton hails from a very humble background. He grew up in the care of his mother, as his father wasn’t in the picture since his birth. Laird started his career in modeling. Later, the big blue waves of the ocean piqued Laird’s interest. Hence, he introduced himself to the ocean and since then he loved the waves dearly. Although Laird got bullied while growing up, he never let those harsh comments get in the way. With his winning drive and passion for surfing, he became the demigod of waves.


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Clearly, Hamilton checks all the boxes of a staunch champion. His passion and zest for the sport made him one of the most influential athletes of all time. 

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