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“Ended Up With a Broken Shoulder and Ruptured Knee Ligaments”: 4 Years After Nearly Fatal Incident, French Surfer Pledges a Comeback to Fans

Published 01/05/2023, 1:00 PM EST

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The world of surfing has a lot of interesting elements to it. It has big azure waves, some fatal accidents, and a lot of adrenaline rush. However, the sport of surfing also has one hidden facet to it. And that is the moxie. The moxie to surf, knowing that the deep blue tarmac has numerous dangers lurking beneath it. Likewise, the big wave surfer, Justine Dupont, once engaged in a horrifying surfing accident. But, she pledged to trounce the same wave again.

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The French surfer, Justine Dupont is a big-wave surfer, who reached various wave crests in her career and became one of the best surfers in the world. From being multiple times World Champion at WSL XXL awards to being elected as the ‘chair’ of the ISA athletes committee, the French surfer has covered it all. However, she also indulged in a vicious wave wipeout while surfing Jaws. Recently, she opened up about various tidbits of that ferocious accident and also shared her winning drive to conquer the big wave again.

Justine Dupont shared the dangerous wipeout incident


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On 27th December 2022, Justine took to her Facebook handle to share a video of herself surfing in Nazare, Portugal. And, coupled the video with her wipeout story in the caption. She recalled the accident with which she met in 2018 while surfing in Peahi’s Jaws wave. The 31-year-old penned, “I haven’t paddled a wave that I’m really proud of in Jaws since my injury during the #peahichallenge 4 years ago”.

As per the Facebook post, the French surfer “ended up with a broken shoulder and a ruptured knee ligament”. Moreover, the accident made her afraid of paddling on big waves like Jaws. But, she decided to take up the Christmas swell in Nazare, as she “dreamed of taking a real wave”. And, her drive to surf on larger waves made her buy a plane ticket to Nazare, Portugal. 


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Interestingly, with apt conditions to surf, Dupont paddled toward the wave in excitement. But, a few seconds after she paddled inside the wave, she got hit by a coconut tree. The fins pointed directly at her foot and like Jaws, Justine again “felt right on the impact of the lip”. However, as per the surfer’s caption, she is all set to fly back to Maui, in order to paddle back to Jaws.

Justine’s positive outlook on surfing accidents


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Forthwith meeting with an accident in Nazare, the surfer recalled her 4-year-old Jaws incident and wrote, “Like 4 years ago I saw a lot of stars again”. Interestingly, even after suffering from pain induced by the coconut tree, she didn’t give up and headed back to paddling toward the peak. But, it made her condition more severe. “I had a headache and I was coughing up blood”, added the 31-year-old.


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Expressing her positive take on the whole surfing fiasco, Justine penned, “I stay positive, accidents are part of surfing”. And, as per her revelations, she “really wanted to surf this wave until the end”. Clearly, the French surfer loves the sport of surfing dearly, as she is all set to paddle on the big wave again. 

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