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“Everyone Sees Me as a Surfer Girl”: Hollywood Diva Cameron Diaz Fell for Surfing Once While Filming an Action-Comedy Movie

Published 12/30/2022, 5:30 PM EST

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The year 2000 was the year of fandoms. With Charlie’s Angels booming the box office records, the 20th century ended on a glorious note for the Hollywood entertainment industry. For that, all the cookie points go to its iconic star cast. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu made the movie superhit with their martial arts and fighting prompts. Interestingly, the movie also has a spectacular surfing sequence, which was performed by Diaz in the most elegant way. Not just that, the actress even fell in love with the sport and found her solace in the ocean.

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Almost a decade ago, Cameron revealed her love for surfing. In 2012, as per the report of The Indian Express, the Californian actress says that she truly fell for the sport. As per the report, the Shrek star first fell in love with surfing when she was filming the action-comedy Charlie’s Angeles. Let’s find out more about Cami’s admiration for the sport.

Cameron Diaz admires the sport of Surfing


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Interestingly, Cameron finds spirituality in the sport. Diaz said, “It’s very spiritual for me”. Further, the actress asserted, “It’s like being directly in touch with god. It’s so healing and amazing”. Moreover, she also revealed that her Californian roots never acted as a catalyst between her and the ocean. “It’s funny everyone sees me as a surfer girl because I grew up in California, but as a child I never surfed because I had no one to teach me”, added Diaz.

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While growing up, the actress “didn’t even have a surfboard”. However, after shooting the surfing sequence as Natalie Cook of Charlie’s Angeles, the actress started admiring surfing. “I love it now though”, added Cami.


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Cameron’s occasional surfing spree

Her newfound love for surfing on the sets of Charlie’s Angels made the actress a surfing fanatic. Since her first surfing sequence in 2000, Cameron was unstoppable. Following the movie, she was often spotted paddling on the azure oceanic ripples. Interestingly, as per Surfer Today’s report, in 2007 Diaz surfed alongside the 11x world surf league champion, Kelly Slater in Hawaii. 

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Not only a great actress, but Cameron also is a passionate surfer. She honed the skills and paddles frequently through the waves. Clearly, Diaz is a multifaceted gem indeed!

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