The sports world can be a very traditional one, and surfing is no exception. Like every other facet of life, stereotypes exist in surfing as well. One would think that wave riders should always fit the ‘conventional standards’ of how a fit person should be. But Jimbo Pellegrine, a plus-size surfer, bashed away all stereotypes of what a surfer should look like.

Looking at him, one might believe that he couldn’t hold his own on a surfboard. Well, whoever thinks so would be wrong. James Scott Pellegrine, or ‘The Fat Surfer’ as he is known on YouTube, is in fact an extremely skilled surfer. His antics in the water have made him a popular figure in the surfing community.

Jimbo Pellegrine: the astonishing surfer


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Jimbo is known as the ‘Best XXL surfer on earth’ and is famous for charging hollow and critical waves. Watching a big guy like Pellegrine surf, has definitely left the internet divided. Mostly, people have been surprised yet appreciative of how well Jimbo does what he does. Chubstr: Life In Your Size, did a feature on Pellegrine in 2011, which contained a detailed interview. In it, Pellegrine revealed,  “…I have a ton of hype at my favorite spots and all the pros and homeys are with me…”

This hype, though, has not come without criticism. The plus-size surfer divulged in the interview, “Usually people get strange looks on their faces and snicker, and kids talk sh*t.” Aside from a couple of naysayers, Pellegrine’s reception at most places has been appropriate for the icon that he is. “People are always in awe, especially when I go to places I have not performed yet,” he said. He also added, “Then there are the places I have been known to frequent where you can find my name carved into cement and posters of me everywhere.”

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This XXL surfer has become somewhat of an influencer for plus-sized people who wish to surf. Whenever they hesitate from stepping into the water, Pellegrine is there to show exactly what their big, and beautiful, bodies can achieve. Jimbo is an inspiration to every surfer. Nonetheless, his life hasn’t exactly been kind to him.

The best XXL surfer was forged in fire

The twists and turns that Jimbo Pellegrine performs in the water are nothing compared to the strife he has faced in his eventful, and sometimes unfortunate, life. But these misfortunes have not brought him down. Jimbo lived in Bali for 15 years, where he distributed Lost surfboards, and silk boxer shorts, and hired out luxury villas. Then one day, his life changed forever. The plus-size surfer got struck by lightning. On another fateful day, he buckled his knee while clubbing.


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Even worse, in 2016 he once lost the bottom half of his left arm in a road accident in Kaui. After a series of tragic incidents, Pellegrine announced that he has decided to hang up his surfboard. Although, that is neither here nor there. Speculations are on that even after he went silent on social media, he was still indulging in riding the waves. If that was actually so, it would make Pellegrine probably the only amputee XXL surfer in the world. As if he needed another reason to be a motivation?

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