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“Like a Building Was Falling on Me”: YouTube Surfing Sensation Once Confessed the Dangers of a Mind Numbing Wipeout at Mavericks, CA in 2021

Published 12/21/2022, 11:30 AM EST

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The thing about surfing, just like any other extreme sport, lies in chasing the thrills over the risks. Surfing at Mavericks is one to be reckoned with; its giant waves with rising dangers of a wipeout have shaken the core of many. On a similar note, big-wave surfer Ian Walsh painted a picture of his most dreadful experience into our minds.  

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In a video that he released a year ago on his YouTube channel, the Maui native shares anecdotes about his experiential realities about surfing the giants. Post his attempt, the surfing professional was humbled and reckoned the Mavericks as “the most violent beating of my life.” 


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Ian Walsh took on the challenge

Star surfer and YouTuber Ian Walsh once opened up about his almost-dead encounter at the giant Mavericks in California. With a brief and vivid description of the calm before the storm, the 39-year-old Surfer confessed he wasn’t expecting much of a scene that day. Initially, the tides were decent and Walsh was able to paddle through the waves like the pro that he is. However, as he waited for the next set of tidal waves, he was overwhelmed by the sheer momentum of the waves!

At around 4 pm, the surfer’s eyes locked on an upcoming set of waves. Within a glimpse, he was all set to float over the highest wave of the hour. “It looks like this big brown building just marching at us,” said Walsh while describing the movements of a highly unpredictable wave. “It had my name on it and I’m going”, declared Walsh.


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The wave stood steeper than Walsh had expected. Although his unstaggering confidence encouraged him to penetrate through the wave. Unfortunately, he couldn’t. “When the lip hit me, it felt like a building was falling on me”, he said. The star surfer just couldn’t get the hang of it and it defaced his defense strategy. Narrating it as “It was just like an absolute nightmare after that.”

The waves wreak havoc on Ian Walsh


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“I fell onto my back and I didn’t penetrate at all,” Walsh revealed. He explained himself as sliding right into the apex of the mammoth wave. Subsequently, it all went downhill for the Youtuber after that. He described the moment as,“Felt like I went to like the 10th dimension underwater.”

But that was not the end of Ian’s struggles. Another round of these enormous waves, one after the other, came down splashing onto the surfer, followed by another. Miraculously, Walsh came out alive after hopping onto one of the safety skis. He marked the incident as ” the most violent beatings” he faced in his life!


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Pretty shocking, isn’t it? Ian Walsh’s underwater feat came as a shocker but it surely won’t stop the stunner from getting back on his surfboard. After all, he’s got what it takes to float past those giant ripples.

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