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“It Was Pretty Scary”: Australian Teen Fell Prey to Shark Attack While Surfing on a Big Wave

Published 12/23/2022, 4:00 PM EST

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The surfing arena is not limited to any boundary. Surfers have the infinity of a big azure ocean to perform their commendable surfing prompts. However, deep inside its vastness, lie some life-threatening dangers. From vicious wipeouts to shark attacks, the waves have every dangerous possibility covered. Likewise, an Australia-based surfer recently fell prey to a callous shark attack during a surf break.

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Bryce Hickman, a 15-year-old surfer from Perth was recently surfing in Mandurah’s surf break when a shark fin poked his surfing board and made him lose his balance. Let’s dive deep into this surfing encounter.

Bryce Hickman opened up about the terrifying shark encounter


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As per Perth Now, an Australian teen, Bryce Hickman was surfing with his younger brother at Cosies surf break in Mandurah, Western Australia. While surfing, Hickman’s surfboard got a nudge and he fell down from the board. He said, “I was waiting for another wave, and something just kind of nudged my surfboard”.

After his fall, however, the shark thankfully warded off in the other direction, leaving the teen to cover a distance of 40 m toward the shore. The 15-year-old may have fended off the shark attack, but for him, the whole encounter was rather terrifying.


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It was pretty scary”, added Hickman. Clearly, the young surfer left Mandurah’s shore with a horrifying memory. “I didn’t want to hang around that long”, said the teenager as he explained the vicious shark encounter.

Mandurah’s coast is the hub for shark attacks

It is not the first time that a surfer fell prey to the shark clutches on Western Australia’s famous Falcon Bay beach. A couple of years back, a 29-year-old surfer, Ben Gerring got brutally attacked by a great white shark and was lacerated heinously. Moreover, in Mandurah’s Falcon Bay region, many shark attacks are often reported as Falcon paves the route for Tiger sharks to migrate. 


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Perth’s Mandurah might be a great sight for surfing, but it often encounters some harrowing surfing accidents. Hickman should be thanking his stars for his narrow escape. 


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