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“This Is Absolutely Crazy!!”: ‘Special Breed’ of Surfers Hitting the Waves in Extreme Conditions Leaves Fans Shocked

Published 02/03/2023, 4:45 PM EST

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The North American continent harbors some of the most thrilling surfing spots in the world. From Hawaii’s Waimea bay to California’s Huntington beach, North America has covered every wave spectacle there is. Not just that, it also houses the world’s largest freshwater stream called Lake Superior. Nevertheless, paddling on it during the winter is equally harder than surfing on a billabong Pipeline. However, a father-son duo thinks otherwise, as both of them paddled with moxie onto the lake in subzero temperatures. 

The Wisconsin-based father-son pair recently surfed at the Duluth point of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Erik Wilkie and his son Garet Wilkie paddled into the lake when the air temperature is almost at subzero levels. Detailing the frostiness at Duluth, Erik stated, “The ice clings to your face in just a matter of moments, and it’s just so crispy”. However, in spite of such cold climatic conditions, Erik and his son surfed the waves induced by the superior. Interestingly, the incredible act of courage shown by the Wisconsin surfers astounded the surfing community.

Fans praised the Father-son duo for surfing in a chilly climate


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Recently, CBS Minnesota took to its Facebook handle to share the unique surfing saga of Erik and his son Garet. Sharing the still of the pair from the Duluth point, the media house penned, “SURFING SUPERIOR – It takes a special breed of surfer to hit the waves when the air temp is below zero!”. 

Expressing their startle, many converged to the comment section to leave praises for the surfers. Fans wrote:


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They certainly are the legends!

I’ve seen those guys on the lake and watched a guy navigate through the ice chunks in the harbor on a jet ski


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Hope no frost bite on the wonker. Lol

Interestingly, Erik addressed all the spectators by expressing his gratitude. He wrote, “Honored Thank You.”

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Now, as it is extremely hard to surf in such frigid conditions, the surfers are advised to surf with safety gear. “Without that equipment, you got about two minutes in the water, and you freeze to death”, added Erik Wilkie. Clearly, it requires fortitude to paddle in such extreme conditions. However, surfers like Erik and Garet Wilkie are certainly versed in handling freezing temperatures.

What do you think about this frosty surfing episode? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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