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“That Was a Magic Trick”: Surfing World Frenzied Over 2x World Champion, John John Florence on His Latest Feat at Pipeline

Published 02/08/2023, 10:30 AM EST

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Among the most dominant surfers of this era, John John Florence is a two-time consecutive world champion for the years 2016 and 2017. His popularity is also linked to his approach to the sport. Born and raised in Hawaii, the athlete studies the waves with an effortless flair. His recent jaw-dropping performance at the WSL is grabbing hearts. 

As per footage from World Surf League’s official YouTube handle on February 8, Florence swooshed through a rather giant swell and popped up at the exit, to everyone’s surprise. Consequently, the commentators and fans went gaga over his stunt.

John John Florence’s mindblowing feat


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In the latest episode of the World Surf League that kickstarted on the 1st of February with the Billabong Pipeline, the 30-year-old champion stole the show with his exceptional finesse leaving the spectators in awe. Florence aced the 16th Round of the WSL with, as per the judges a “near-perfect” move, scoring 9 out of 10. An array of reactions followed by everyone witnessing the triumph.

“What just happened? He skipped an entire section”


100794 Live Readers

“That was a magic trick, that was unbelievable… we completely wrote him off.”

“No surfer on tour compares to JJ. He’s on another level. And c’mon, we all know that was a 10.”

“Near perfect? Your judges are a joke wsl. Even the commentators said so. Fire those two judges.”

“How was this not a 10!???”

“John John with another legend etching”

“So what does the WSL think a 10 looks like at Backdoor with that insane first clip?

not giving a 10 on that one is just jealousy, come on!!!”

“No one even comes close to his surfing ability… NO ONE…..the others on tour are beginners compared to John John”


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He took on a giant barrel that most presumed he wouldn’t be able to game. However, he shook the world in astonishment after his grand escape. He darted to the Quarterfinals to compete with the surfing greats. Similarly, on the opening day of the league, another surfing legend seized the show with his panache. 

Kelly Slater’s 31st Billabong Pro-Pipeline event.


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G.O.A.T. surfer, Kelly Slater competed against Brazilian ace, Ibelli and Munoz from Costa Rica on his 31st Pipeline event. Unsurprisingly, the 50-year-old swayed through the waves overpowering his contenders. Reportedly, the waves soared to a height of 6’8”. The scores were as follows: Caio Ibelli swept a 10.44 (5.77+4.67), Kelly Slater trailed with an 8.60 (4.93+3.67) and Carlos Munoz scored 0.5 in the first round.

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The former two move on into the 32nd round, Slater to compete against the Brazillian athlete, Yago Dora for the Heat 10 event and Ibelli for Heat 7 against Ezekiel Lau. 


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The WSL is inviting in the most lively and mind-boggling moments put on by striking surfers battling for the ultimate prize. May the best surfer win. Who do you think shall take away the grand title this year? Let us know in the comments. 



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