The biggest testimonial of martial arts is none other than the Little Dragon himself, Bruce Lee. With his fighting prowess, unbeatable prompts, and excellent flair in acting, Lee captured the hearts of millions around the globe with his unique influential ways. However, as the reason for his death still remains uncertain, there was another piece of emergent news from one of his close friends.

Many theories claim Lee died because of cerebral edema, while many others claim he died of sodium deficiency. After 50 long years of his demise, we haven’t been able to reach an emotional closure. But, it seems that his close friend had all the answers.


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Revelations hinting at a professional associate of Bruce Lee 

Back in 2018, in an interview with MMA Imports, the martial arts champion, Chuck Norris came forward to clear the air around Lee’s death. On asking about his theory about Lee’s demise, Chuck disclosed a very shocking rationale. He started off by talking about a girl named Betty, who was working alongside Lee in Hong Kong for their upcoming movie. He said, “… when he was in Hong Kong, preparing for his next movie, he was working with a girl named Betty”.


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Chuck further added details to the throwback by saying, “He got a severe headache. So Betty gave him some antibiotics for the headache”. According to Chuck, the painkillers caused a reaction in Lee’s body. Chuck elaborated, “the medication he had taken for his back, they reacted to each other and made his brain swell up and created an aneurysm or ruptured blood cells in his brain”. 

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With his shocking revelations, Chuck claimed that his theory is veracious through and through. He concluded by adding, “that’s actually what happened”.

Some prevailing theories around Lee’s demise


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There are plenty of theories that are still prevailing around Bruce Lee’s death. Some studies claim, Lee was suffering from Cerebral edema that generated excessive fluid in his brain cells, and ultimately caused his death. Others claimed that Lee consumed too much amount of water, which led to sodium deficiency in his body. 

The inappropriate sodium levels caused kidney failures and became the reason for Lee’s passing. However, the postmortem reports claim the exact reason for Lee’s death was swelling in his brain. 

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Clearly, there are many conjectures about the untimely demise of Bruce Lee. Although we can’t draw any conclusion about how he died, the years that he lived were some of the best and the most glorious years for the world of martial arts and cinema.


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