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“Wasn’t the Right Time”- Loserfruit and Epic Delay Fortnite Skin Release

“Wasn’t the Right Time”- Loserfruit and Epic Delay Fortnite Skin Release

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Twitch streamer and Fortnite pro, Loserfruit, recently revealed that the release of the skin she had developed with Epic Games had to be delayed. Previous leaks and rumors suggested June 3 as the release date for the skins but it has been delayed.

The skin was developed as a part of the ‘Icon’ series in Fortnite. Many pros, including Ninja, have had their likeness or their design put into the game through this skin series. This increases fans’ engagement with the large personalities of the game and nets some hefty revenue for the parties involved.

Fortnite pro addresses fans on the delay

Loserfruit had this to say to her fans regarding the delay. 

Me and epic decided that it wasn’t the right time to release the skin this week. I think you guys know from leaks, I didn’t ever acknowledge the leaks, that it was meant to come out on the 3rd. So we decided to wait

This delay was most definitely because of the nationwide protests that are taking place in America. The development and release of the skin may have been in trouble due to the pandemic earlier. But this is a clear step taken by Epic to delay the skin release. It would be pretty inappropriate and tone-deaf to release the skin during the civil unrest throughout the country. 

The upcoming Doomsday Event in Fortnite may be when the skin is scheduled to release next. June 11 is the date of the next big event in Fortnite and it would make perfect sense to release the skin at that time. Now, several big names in Fortnite have chosen to follow #BlackoutTuesday, in support of the protests. Delaying the skin release seems to be the right move for Epic, and for Loserfruit. This recent delay is among the many that Fortnite has suffered, due to the global pandemic. The start of the new season was pushed back twice because of the virus, and now because of the protests.

The details of the skin have already been leaked and can be found here.

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