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When Victoria Azarenka’s Split with her Boyfriend Billy McKeague & Got Custody of Son Leo

When Victoria Azarenka’s Split with her Boyfriend Billy McKeague & Got Custody of Son Leo

Victoria Azarenka and Billy McKeague

Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka was once with Billy McKeague. The couple also had a child together named Leo. At a time when things were looking good, the duo split up. Here is all that we need to know about Victoria Azarenka’s ex-boyfriend, Billy McKeague, their son Leo, and them splitting up.

Who is Billy McKeague?

Billy is the son of Chase McKeague and Lynn McKeague, and currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri. He spent his high school days in Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, and was a hockey player there. For further studies, Billy went to the University of Missouri.

He is known to have played three seasons of hockey, and also developed an interest in golf during his time in the college.

His interest in golf also saw him work as a Golf Pro in a resort in Hawaii later.

Azarenka, McKeague & son Leo

During his time as a golf pro in Hawaii, Billy McKeague met Victoria. Since then their relationship grew and they subsequently started dating.

The couple started living in Manhattan, California after Azarenka purchased a house there.

In 2016, Billy McKeague and Victoria Azarenka gave birth to a son, Leo. The couple was relatively young to be parents but took it well.

“You don’t know how someone is going to react at a young age being a dad, but he loves Leo so much and is very affectionate,” Azarenka had told then. “He understands what I want to do right now, and he’s also willing to sacrifice his time away from his family as well for the next five, six years for me to be done with this chapter of my life of playing,”

Victoria Azarenka & Billy McKeague split-up

When everything seemed to be going well, the duo split up. Leo was hardly one year old when reports of Billy and Victoria splitting came up.

In August 2017, the two were in a custody battle over their son Leo. Her non-American citizenship worked in Billy’s favor and she could not take her son out of California.

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She did not participate in the subsequent US Open as she did not want to leave her son in California.

The custody of the baby was eventually handed to Victoria and she currently lives with her son.

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