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“Would Have Trained 10 Hours and Ate Dog Sh*t”: 6X Mr. Olympia Legend Rubbished Volume Training With a Bizarre Jibe

Published 11/21/2023, 4:45 AM EST

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Dorian Yates is the first Englishman to have ruled the Olympia stage for six years. With incredible muscularity and a massive back, he is among those prominent bodybuilding figures whose legacy and contribution to fitness will never be forgotten. Even though it has been so many years since he retired from the sport, he loves to share his wisdom about the training regimen needed to attain desired fitness goals. 

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Recently, he has underscored the significance of intense targeted training that helps stimulate muscle growth. He has lashed out at volume training, which modern bodybuilders often adopt to get results soon.

6-Time Olympia winner Dorian Yates teaches the right way of training 


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In a recent video uploaded by the MuscleMindMedia YouTube channel, Dorian openly criticized the volume training method which is often pursued by aspiring bodybuilders for results. According to Yates, instead of focusing on lifting heavy weights and doing many repetitions of exercises, one should follow the routine of targeted training, which promotes muscle growth from top to bottom.

He said, “Lets talk logically if volume was the key factor in stimulating muscle growth wouldn’t we continually increase our amount of exercise so as a pro bodybuilding i should have been training 10 hours a day? And trust me if it that’s what it took i would have trained 10 hours a day and eaten dog shit between sets.”


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This is not the first he has made his voice heard about the right way of doing training. He has always suggested fitness enthusiasts not count on heavy-lifting techniques. Besides this, he is often hailed for his well-sculpted waist about which he has spoken openly.

Dorian Yates reveals the reason behind his popular and matchless back

Though he has developed a well-ripped waistline, arm, and chest, he has focused more on his back as a priority. The credit for his unmatched back goes to his terrific conditioning, great genetic makeup, and metabolism. Lately, the bodybuilder shared his post via Instagram story showcasing a picture of him on his Instagram.


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He wrote a caption expressing his genetics, The one question that I still get asked is, ‘How did you build your back?! I had good genetics, especially my back as my mum’s lats were wide since she rode horses and worked on a farm, so her back was always strong. ” “My choice of exercises were basic… because they work!” he said further. Do you agree with his approach to training?

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