Picture this: Miami’s South Beach is awash in the electric energy of Super Bowl week. The scent of the salty ocean pairs with the anticipation of the biggest game in American Sports. But something else is cooking beneath the surface—something fresh, something bold. It’s the smell of innovation, and it’s emanating from an unlikely source—a mile-long stretch of pristine sand transformed into a playground of “clean.” And this is no ordinary playground.

It’s the ‘Tide Mile of Clean’, a vibrant spectacle born from the genius of a brand that registered over $1.2B in sales (2022), brought to life through the star power of legends like Serena Williams. Being a major part of that marketing drive, Keenan Beasley, entrepreneur, and visionary, talking about the same, dropped some serious knowledge on the power of organic activations.

In a candid conversation with EssentiallySports Think Tank host Trey Holder, Beasley dished some insider secrets for that unforgettable Tide launch at the 2020 Super Bowl.


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The Serena Williams effect with a splash of Hollywood: The perfect recipe for organic brand activation

Gracing our Thought Leadership Podcast series, the former college football player said, “We launched Tide Febreze Sport, and we used Venus Williams and Serena Williams! And we did that out in Miami; they’re in their town, where they were living; the Super Bowl was in Miami.”

The Williams sisters aren’t just tennis icons; they’re forces of nature. Their presence alone ignites a frenzy, attracting fans and fellow luminaries alike. Toss in a dash of Hollywood charm like Jamie Foxx, and you’ve got an unforgettable experience.

But this wasn’t a stuffy press conference, or a choreographed product demo. It was an explosion of activity, a celebration of sports, and clean competition. Imagine impromptu basketball showdowns between NFL legend Terrell Owens and Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx, fueled by the energy of the crowd and the spirit of innovation. That’s the magic of organic activation, and Tide played it masterfully.

The Super Bowl is a marketer’s dream. It has a massive audience hungry for entertainment. Tide understood that to stand out, they couldn’t just shout their message. They had to create an experience people craved. The ‘Tide Mile of Clean’ offered games, interactive booths, and a chance for fans to rub shoulders with sports and entertainment royalty such as the Williams Sisters. It wasn’t as much about selling a product as it was about creating a memory with an impression that would last for years. And that’s where the true brilliance of this activation lies.

The stars weren’t there just to be the brand’s paid spokespeople. They were genuinely engaged! That kind of authenticity resonates with consumers and signals that this product and brand is as much a part of the lifestyle of celebs as it is of its users.


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“It was just an amazing concept, a great way to launch a really innovative product,” enthused Keenan Beasley. As it was targeted, Tide’s organic activation generated buzz, fostered brand loyalty, and ultimately propelled their innovative new product into the hands (and washing machines) of countless athletes and sports enthusiasts—and the masses, all alike.

As Keenan opens our eyes to the far-reaching possibilities of organic brand promotion in a world bombarded with marketing messages, Tide’s Super Bowl activation with Serena Williams and Jamie Foxx stands as a testament to the enduring power of creativity. When you mix star power with genuine enthusiasm, strategic timing, and a focus on experience over advertising, you create marketing magic that cuts through the noise and captures hearts.

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