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Tony Khan‘s AEW Collision managed to steal some attention from WWE during WrestleMania weekend with a surprising announcement. They revealed that this week’s Dynamite would feature backstage footage from All In, with the Young Bucks discussing it for the first time. Despite initial skepticism, outlets like Fightful confirmed AEW’s plans to show real footage of CM Punk‘s involvement at All In.

Now Dave Meltzer has addressed this situation on X, giving some insights into the reason why Tony Khan might be sharing the footage. Is it a publicity stunt or does Khan really have the upper hand against Punk? 

Dave Meltzer discusses Khan’s potential release of the footage


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Last week, all eyes were on CM Punk as he took to the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, unleashing his thoughts on AEW, including his take on Tony Khan and the events at All In in London last year. During his Zero Hour match with Hook, Jack Perry‘s taunts ignited a backstage brawl with Punk, leading to Punk’s termination from AEW and Perry’s suspension.

While Tony Khan has mostly stayed quiet on the matter, Punk’s recent criticism of AEW may prompt a response from the promotion. Dave Meltzer took to X to speak about this matter. “Regarding the thing tomorrow with the footage, the idea is that the footage will be building a future angle for the PPV, presumably related to FTR vs. Bucks and Jack Perry’s return.  There is a booking reason. Whether it works or not is best judged after we see it,” wrote Meltzer. 


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Meltzer asserts that the footage will drive the storyline forward instead of addressing Punk directly. It focuses the angle on Jack Perry’s return to AEW and the showdown between the Bucks and FTR. However, fans were not happy about it and wanted it to be direct and straight to the point. 

Many were disappointed by Khan’s potential use of a former wrestler for promotions. Others just stated how he is replying to Punk’s interview. Addressing this, Meltzer sent out another tweet. “It will be the Punk-Perry footage airing to lead to a storyline obviously involving Perry but not Punk,” he clarified. 

Many fans were speculating whether Khan would air the footage. Hence, a few days ago, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez confirmed the news on WOR. A video has been tweeted about the same. 

What did they say?

“It is true. On Dynamite, Tony Khan is airing the Jack Perry-CM Punk footage from All In. It is not bait and switch. I am not talking to one person or multiple people. It is a hundred percent, they are airing the footage, and Tony was very upset with CM Punk’s interview,” Alvarez claimed. 

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Although Khan was upset about Punk’s interview, he did share the main reason for airing the footage. 

Tony Khan talks about the CM Punk backstage footage going on air


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Many view AEW’s airing of the controversial footage on Dynamite as an attempt to bolster declining ratings and fulfill fan expectations. President Tony Khan confirmed the move in an interview with Sports Illustrated, emphasizing the company’s commitment to delivering on promises. 

“AEW has a great track record on delivering what we advertise, and it is real footage, The Young Bucks will show backstage footage from All In, the most important event in AEW history–the world record-holder for the most tickets ever sold for any wrestling record, over 81,035 total–and it was an important night backstage, as well,” said Khan.


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The decision, aimed at generating interest in the upcoming pay-per-view Dynasty, follows Khan’s assertion that the real-life footage has impacted several individuals. With this move, the CM Punk-AEW controversy shows no signs of fading away. What are your thoughts on this? 

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