Matt Hardy is having a great run in the AEW right now. However, his contract is expiring this March. The elder half of The Hardy Boyz has been out of action for some time. However, his contract as an All Elite Superstar is nearing its expiration as well. Given his stardom and his ever-increasing popularity, this makes him a catch for every pro wrestling company.

Matt Hardy has lent his creative genius to several pro wrestling outfits throughout his storied career. This makes his next move highly unpredictable for the fans. Especially when they have seen how ‘Broken Matt’ keeps surprising them. Interestingly, he recently teased wrestling fans with a contract update, which made the WWE Universe erupt with comeback calls.

When Matt Hardy said he wants the best for The Hardy Legacy


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Matt Hardy has been one of the most prolific wrestlers in the last two decades. Almost everyone in the pro wrestling world credits Matt with reviving tag team wrestling. He’ll turn 50 this September and is still fighting hard. Recently, he appeared in a video podcast interview with MattHardyPod host Jon Alba.

Speaking about his AEW contract, Matt Hardy said, “There is a little news to go along with my contract negotiations. I have an AEW contract sitting in front of me for a few years and now I’m looking through it. I’m like deciding what I want to do going forward.” This showcases that Hardy has not signed from his end despite having the choice to do so for years.

Matt Hardy further said, “I know that I only have a couple more years left in doing this and I want to make the most out of those years whatever it may be. I want to be optimized in whatever I am doing. So that’s very important to me. So I’m very happy to be invited to return to AEW and work for AEW for the foreseeable future.” Thus, while Hardy is thankful for AEW’s offer, the option doesn’t carry much weight for him to immediately side with AEW for his final run.

Matt Hardy also said that he is considering several important things like his schedule since he wants ample family time. He also said that he wants what is best for the Hardy Legacy. 

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Moreover, he noted that it is important that he continues to work alongside his brother Jeff. He and his wife were also spotted a week ago in Monday Night Raw. This was enough to send almost the entire WWE Universe to welcome The Hardy Boyz back. 

WWE Universe invites Matt and Jeff to run the show once again

Despite all this time, WWE fans delightedly observed that Matt Hardy has still not sided with AEW. Dwayne Johnson is already bringing back a bygone era in WWE. Therefore, adding The Hardy Boyz will be a perfect fit.

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Speaking about it, a fan said, “The legacy is at WWE.” Another fan asked the elder Hardy to choose WWE for his final years by saying, “Please go back to WWE with Jeff for one last big run.”


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Fans also told him how much they loved him. One loving message for Matt Hardy read, “Matt, as a life long Hardy fan I’d really love for yalls last run to be with WWE, with Triple H in charge. I want the best for the Hardy’s V1forlife.” A fan even suggested a possible WrestleMania XL match for the Hardy Boyz. 

They said, “Please you and jeff sign a contract with Wwe with new conditions. As it will be the final match between you and Jeff in WrestleMania, with better salaries than before. I want to see you guys in the Hall of Fame. Wish you guys the best of luck.” Lastly, a fan threw some shade at AEW and asked Hardy to side with WWE. 


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They wrote, “Leave these bada**es, jobber Company and welcome home, Wwe watch whole world popularity of next level.” The return of Matt Hardy to WWE would truly feel like a homecoming. What are your thoughts about it? Let them flow in the comments.