Charlotte Flair Admits She Was “Absolutely Terrible” in One Aspect of Pro Wrestling During Her Initial Days: “It’s 10 Years of Having a Chip on My Shoulder”

Published Mar 3, 2023 | 10:30 AM EST

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The name Ric Flair is still fresh in the minds of WWE fans. His stylish persona and iconic signature moves have a special place in the hearts of the fans. The Nature Boy is a hard act to follow, and his daughter, Charlotte Flair. agrees with the sentiment. When she broke onto the scene, fans automatically had high expectations of her. Even though she was a phenomenal wrestler, she had trouble with one aspect of her in-ring work. Moreover, the increasing pressure from fans didn’t help her at all.

Charlotte Flair confessed her weakness in the pro wrestling scene

In a recent episode of The Dan LeBatard Show, Charlotte Flair opened up about her struggles with showmanship. During the podcast, the host inquired The Queen about her initial days in pro wrestling and whether she was good at wrestling or not. Flair replied “Uh…Athletically, yes. Uh… the showmanship and the character and charisma – Absolutely terrible.”


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The WWE runs on drama and showmanship between characters. So, it’s a major part of where the entertainment is derived from the show. Moreover, her father was probably the most charismatic performer during his time in the ring.

She continued, “Well because it’s also like, ‘I’m Ric Flair’s daughter… And it’s 10 years of having a chip on my shoulder, you know.” Therefore, ‘The Queen felt the pressure of being the daughter of such an iconic figure in pro wrestling history.

‘The Nature Girl’ always looks to improve her game

During the same interview, Charlotte Flair spoke about her mentality as a wrestler. She constantly tries to improve herself and give the audience more. She said, “Like, I still think… that’s what I think about all the time, like ‘What can I get better at?’- Obviously promos, I find to be the most challenging”.


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However, fans can’t deny that she came a long way since then. The 14-time Women’s world champion certainly knows how to work the crowd, and she needs it now, more than ever.

At WrestleMania 39. Where she has to defend her title of SmackDown women’s champion from Rhea Ripley. Even though she’s ready for the battle, Ripley is determined to dethrone The Queen. WWE fans are eagerly expecting their clash.


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