Cody Rhodes returned with his chin up for the Royal Rumble 2023 in the WWE. The American Nightmare made a glorious comeback from his injury, but many fans are unaware of Triple H’s vital contribution to getting him back to best. Despite earning a chance to face undisputed champion Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, Rhodes felt as if he committed a cardinal sin during the Rumble. Moreover, shared that his late father and wrestling Icon, Dusty Rhodes, would be heavily displeased with his actions.

What was the cardinal sin Cody Rhodes committed?

In a recent episode of “WWE After The Bell” podcast, Rhodes revealed the action that would irk his late father, Dusty Rhodes. This mistake is something the American Nightmare couldn’t avoid under the circumstances he was held in. As Rhodes admitted, “…we were talking about this off the air. I did commit, what I’d call kind of a cardinal sin in the wrestling game. And.. My dad would be really irked if he knew this.”


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The WWE superstar, who’s currently on a hot streak, explained his failure to get a feel for the stadium, ahead of the big night. He said, “I did not walk the arena, earlier in the day.”

Therefore, Rhodes felt disappointed in himself, to ignore the customs set by his father. Which displays a bond of student and mentor between the father and son. Rhodes would definitely attribute his wrestling achievements to his father’s guidance.

I did not walk the ramp, I did not get in the ring. I was very much held behind doors.” explained Rhodes.

Fans can only pray this mistake wouldn’t haunt Rhodes in his big match-up against Roman Reigns.


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The American Nightmare achieved his dreams

In the same episode, Rhodes also discussed a variety of topics around the WWE circles. Rhodes also spoke about him looking at posters of John Cena and Dwayne Johnson from the second ‘Mania. And felt bitter at their massive success. So, he threw a yoo-hoo can on Johnson’s face on the poster.

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As he felt small compared to the giants, they became in the wrestling community. Furthermore, he took them as an inspiration to get his face on to the next poster of ‘Mania. Therefore, Rhodes proved that dreams do come true with hard work and discipline. Moreover, Rhodes looks to bear his father’s torch and leave his footprint on the WWE.


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