Dominik Mysterio Gets Praised for Continuing Eddie Guerrero’s Legacy From Mexican Wrestler Close to Mysterio Family

Published 12/13/2023, 12:14 PM EST

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Dominik Mysterio has always tried to make a name for himself in an arena bearing his dad’s imprint everywhere. While the reigning NXT North American Champion had successfully gained fame as a Mysterio, an ex-WWE legend recently gave him credit for continuing the legacy of the late and the great Eddie Guerrero.

Chavo Guerrero recently made a special appearance in a podcast episode. Invited to discuss his role in ‘The Iron Claw,’ the ex-Mexican pro wrestler commended Dominik Mysterio for following Eddie Guerrero’s path. He even said that The Judgment Day member truly deserves to represent Eddie.

Chavo Guerrero praises Dominik Mysterio’s exceptional performance


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Dominik Mysterio, despite losing his NXT North American Championship, has garnered praise for his stellar performances. Chavo Guerrero commended Mysterio on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, expressing admiration for the young WWE superstar’s impressive work. He was asked about Mysterio’s success in the storyline and playfully joked about whether Rey or Eddie was his true father.


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He said, “Dominik Mysterio is killing it. He’s doing so good. He’s far beyond where he should be. As far as being good as well. It’s pretty cool to see them doing all this stuff … And we talked about that before. You get a lot of people especially because of Eddie and how monumental and like cult following he has and how many people see how really great he is and was.”

He also stated, “You get a lot of people really trying to capitalize off of the Guerrero name and Eddie’s name. You’ll see it all the time.” While acknowledging Dominik’s success, Guerrero raised concerns about wrestlers using the Guerrero family name.

Although Chavo’s past comments sparked speculation, he later clarified it was all in good fun. He further said, “And anybody can do it. Dominik can do it and Rey can do it because of the history with them and stuff.” Nevertheless, he emphasized the significance of Dominik and Rey Mysterio’s ability to succeed due to their rich wrestling history.

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Guerrero has earned acclaim from fellow wrestlers for his role as a wrestling consultant in the movie The Iron Claw. After all these comments, surprisingly, there’s a new revelation that Dirty Dom is up to face CM Punk

CM Punk set to face Dominik Mysterio in upcoming WWE live event


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CM Punk is making a long-awaited return to Madison Square Garden on December 26, engaging in his first WWE match since the 2014 Royal Rumble. This iconic event will also mark Punk’s first appearance at MSG since March 13, 2012. 

Adding to the excitement, Punk is scheduled to go head-to-head with “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio at a WWE live event in California on December 30, marking his return to the ring at the company after nearly a decade.


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What’s your take on Chavo Guerrero’s remarks about Dominik Mysterio? Can Dom secure a victory against Punk and validate Guerrero’s praise?

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